Friday, June 3, 2011

Majolica Majorca Jewelling Pencil ~ Bling Bling~~

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !
How you doin'?^^

It's HOLIDAY yaaw!
and my holiday ...SUCKS..thank you very much .. I just noticed that I still have 1 more week of holiday , and I MUST finish my homeworkssssss . So no more being a lazy bump . =,=

anyway , my holiday start with great things like I WENT TO SEE SUPER JUNIOR-M !!! OH TAI WAN MEI !!!!!and I went to SEPHORA y'all!!!it was like a dream come true!

enough !

In this post , I'm not going to talk about SUPER JUNIOR-M or SEPHORA . In this post , I'm going to talk about , a pencil eyeliner that I have bought 3 weeks ago . It is from Majolica Majorca

First of all .... I'M SORRY ! I forgot how much it is . I lost the receipt . =,= but i'm sure it is about RM20++

Anyway , did you know that Majolica Majorca is from Shiseido ? ok , I just knew about that . Lame me .. haha!

So , Majolica Majorca is the cheaper version of Shiseido I supposed . This eyeliner is called Jeweling Pencil and it comes in 10 different colors ! How amazing is that ! I bought black color , It's BK999 .

When I was about to buy this thing , I'm thinking of buying 2 colors because , come on , the colors they sell are so AWESOME ! blue , pink, gold etc . But ! I was so disappointed with the quality !!


*cries a river*

Like a lot . When the first time I wear this I was giving my hopes high because Majolica Majorca comes from Shiseido . But unfortunately ,it smudges . I gave it second chance and it smudge again , like a lot . So no way I'm gonna use this again . I was so frustrated because if this eyeliner is a good quality item , I could but the whole range ! 10 colors !!!

I like the somewhat creamy texture though .

not so ?

So ,,,

Rating : .... 1/5 .. 1 because i like the texture ..


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