Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !
OMG...I should update about this months ago but I don't have the time to do it . I'm sorry !!! TT__TT

Anyway , today , I'm going to talk about SEPHORA !!
I went to Sephora in June . I Know , it's already July .

nice paper bag !
I bought many items !!

Let's start with the first item that I like ! ^^

SEPHORA Waterproof eye make-up remover

First of all , I AM SOOOO SORRY ! I forgot how much this costs . But I think it's about RM35 . correct me if I'm wrong .

-RM35 (Not sure)
-125 ml
-formulated with a complex rich in flavonoids and oilve extracts to strengthen lashes
-cleanse really well
-not oily ! ^^

I have to say that I really love this product soooooo much !! ^^


f.o.x Auto Concealer Stick

-I forgot the price..again...=.=  but I think it's about RM50-60
-it comes in 2 color and I pick the darkest . AC02
-quite nice texture

I have been using this almost everyday . But , I don't think I want to give this 5/5 cause it doesn't do much . It conceal nicely but i'm not that satisfied enough . Oh well .


 f.o.x Brow & Shadow Compact

-RM55 ... I GUESS...
-It is for eyebrow but can also be awesome is that?
-Save space for traveling

I love using this kind of thing because it makes my eye brow look more natural . I can't really say much thing about eye brow because I'm not good with it . Wait till' I go to make-up class okay??  ^^


I bought this for my friends and I took Vanilla Creme Brulee . It costs RM5 each .. I like the smell and colors ! COLORFUL !! ^^

This is a sample that I got . It's a skin care , a serum . But I don't use it cause I'm sticking with Herbaline and B.liv  ^^

I think that is all from me....
OH WAIT!!nooo..

i wanna talk about Sephora Malaysia . I'm a little bit dissapointed because some of the products that I thought it would sell like NYX and elf are not available . And some of the products are Asian products like f.o.x . It's Taiwan . I thought products in Sephora all come from the west . =,=

Nevertheless , I LOVE SEPHORA ! I can spend like 2 hours in there!!Poor my future boyfriend

That is all from me!Oh and


I AM!!

EUNHYUK! ... I can't see his eyes =.=

They will release one picture per day ~~^^