Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Health Talk : Cervical Cancer

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
I hope you're in a good health . Have you seen this poster before?

Today , I'm going to talk about Cervical Cancer . Not beauty . Do read this because it is so important .

Before my school ends , my teacher gave all female students a pamphlet about Cervical Cancer . Not just that , students between 14 to 19 will get a discount if they go to selected clinic to get a vaccine . This promotion ends on 31st Dec 2012. So HURRY UP people !

Anyway , I paid RM466 for 2 dose . The 3rd dose is free . In Malaysia , the government gave free shot to form 1 students or 13 years old Malaysian .Lucky kids . Note : IT IS ONLY FOR FEMALE . Thank you very much .

Not my picture!Source : INTERNET!

Today , I got my 2nd dose . Let me tell you my 1st dose experienced . IT WAS SO HURTFUL !!!! LoL. Just kidding  xD  well , it does hurt a little bit . I can feel the vaccine spread out when my doctor injected me . And the next day , the place where I got shot , swollen . I almost cried because it was so pain . But hey , I don't want to get Cervical Cancer when I'm old . The period between 1st dose and 2nd dose is 1 month . The 3rd dose is 5 months after the 2nd dose

Did you know Cervical Cancer is THE ONLY cancer that have vaccine . This is because , Cervical Cancer happens because of infection . Correct me if I'm wrong . My doctor said the risk of getting Cervical Cancer is high if you have multiple partner . In other word , if you do sex with many people . Or your husband/partner did sex with other people before you .

Causes of Cervical Cancer:
-Multiple partner like I said before
-Having sex EARLY . or maybe getting rape at a young age
-Pregnant more than 5 times
-Does not care about the cleanliness of your sexual organ
-Infection through sex . (I did asked my doctor if it because of STD-sexual transmitted disease- , but she said it's not . Oh well)
-Low antibody

'Fun' fact about Cervical Cancer is it took 10-15 years to appear . That's why the faster you have 1st sex , the early you'll get Cervical Cancer .You can prevent Cervical Cancer with doing Pap Smear test . Aha ! What is Pap Smear ? It's a test around your cervix . But usually Pap Smear test is for married ladies .

Another fact about Cervical Cancer is this cancer is the 2nd common cancer in the world . The 1st is Breast cancer . So ladies , it's better to prevent it rather than treat it . Is it hard to invest your money for something like this ? No beautifuls . Think about it .

If you have any question about this , go to the nearest clinic and ask the doctor . I suggest you go to female doctor . Sorry if some of my info is wrong . I wrote this blog because I want to help people . Especially ladies . Because we are the queen y'll !

I hope you learn about Cervical Cancer here and there . Thank you for reading my post .


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My worst enemy : BODY ACNE

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
I hope all of you are in a good mood to read my blog today.
Anyway , I am sorry that I didn't update my blog . Been busy...yeah.Back to the story , today I'm going to talk about my worst  enemy . BODY ACNE

I posted about this before .  << you can click here

As you all know - or not - , I can't really but this product because it is only available in Kuala Lumpur..yeayy.. =.=

So then , I have decided to go to the pharmacy and tested some body acne wash .
The first one was from Gold Life . Before I continue , I  am deeply sorry that I don't post any pictures or the price . Because I forgot...

Anyway , the product from Gold Life doesn't help me at all . It makes my back acne even worse . I don't like the packaging because the title , description , etc are stickers . So , when it got contact with water , it teared off . And I hate it . Like seriously . Packaging that have stickers on it shouldn't made for store in the toilet . Other thing that I hate about this product is that it really make my back acne worse .

So , I decided to change to Eubos . It is not actually body wash for acne but it can help . Which doesn't to me . The soaps are all against me . I can't even wear Lux or whatever because it will make my back acne 100x worse . So , that's why I decided to change to Eubos because it doesn't made of soap . However , it doesn't made any change on my back . I just don't know why it doesn't . *sigh*

Now , I'm using Himalaya Neem and Tumeric body wash . I was actually a little bit satisfied with the 1st bottle . So , I bought the 2nd one . And suddenly , my back acne become worst !!!  TT____TT  I just don't know why . Himalaya body wash is actually smell quite nice . But I think not for everybody . I actually quite love the smell of herbal medicine  :P  anyway , since the 2nd bottle is still full , I must use it for now .

I seriously NEED Ettusais body wash . Guess what , I went to Ettusais counter and they said the body wash is out of stock !!  *forever crying*  Anyway , I read some articles saying that yoga actually can help this problem . So , I signed up for yoga class . And OMG when the instructor did a split my reaction was   O_O!

I need to practice so that I can do split .. hihi . And also , This saturday , I'm going to do acupuncture to treat this problem . The needles . OMG . Wish me luck !!

That is all from me!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Please don't hate me

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone

Please don't hate me . I'm sorry that I didn't update for such a long time . I have been busy before school holidays and I only rest for 2 weeks . Now , I have started my tuition . Yes . I took extra classes during holiday . It's for preparation for my SPM2012 . Wish me luck

I will try to update . Once again , I am so sorry


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's all about lipstick ~~ pucker up your lips !

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !!

First of all, I am so sorry that I didn’t update for a long time . Forgive me . I’ve been … around actually but too lazy to update  :P

Anyway , today I’m going to talk about lipstick . I am not the type who wear lipstick actually . And I never had a lipstick before . To think about it , a person who loves make-up doesn’t have lipstick is crazy . Yes , I am . So , I decided to buy 2 at the same time !!!! I bought for 3 months already ? I’m not sure .

Both of it are from Revlon  

Left : Revlon Colorburst in 070     Right : Revlon Super Lustrous in 225
 I have to admit I don't know how to pick the right colour . So , I grabbed any colour that I think nice and beautiful . 

Colourbust in 070 is a very pale colour which suits people who have light skin tone . It doesn't work on me actually  ....  *pouts*  I think I need to find another pale colour..

Super Lustrous in 225 is a deep red colour which is very sexy . I love it . But I think it's too red for me who is 16 years old . 

Since both of the colour doesn't work on me , I mix the colours with my various of lipgloss . Sometime , I mix both of the colours . I do like to put the pale colour all over my lips and the red one in the middle so it looks like lip stain .

I don't remember the price but both of the lipstick are not over RM35 . 

Next , I asked my sister to buy me another lipstick . And she bought me Sephora Rouge in R14 / Seduce . Sorry I don't have the picture since my sister took the camera... TT__TT  but you can check the picture here  >>>  <<<

 It's a nice pink colour which doesn't suits me...I think lipstick hates me   .. A LOT 

But I do love the smell . It smell so nice . And it is quite long-lasting . I don't know the price since my sister forgot it.. oh well ,

and NOW , I have 3 lipsticks !! yeay !!!  

That is all from me . Oh and by the way , can you recommend me any Malaysian beauty blog ? Thank you~~

Love , 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Para Para SAKURA!! .. no , it's Para Para NATURACTOR !

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
Happy fasting to all Muslims around the world! May this Ramadhan will be more blessing Ramadhan than last year!!
Syukur Alhamdulillah

Okay , so in this post I want to talk about , Naturactor Cover Face by Meiko . It is a Japanese product .

Sorry no box , since I kindda lost it when I got this product due to excited . hehe~So my sister bought this for me and I think she is going to sell this product . But I'm not sure when and how much she will sell this .

As you can see in the picture above , it wrote in Chinese . Which is I don;t know what . I should have learn Mandarin properly when I was younger =.=

Once again , I'm sorry , I did took the picture at the bottom of the casing but I couldn't find it . SORRY ! anyway , here are some of the details

~number 151
~made from sakura petal (from what my sister said)

I have to say , this foundation is the best I have ever used ! It covers everything and through out the day , when my face became oilier , it have such a beautiful cover . I was impressed when I first used this .

UNFORTUNATELY ! My mom prohibited me using this because when I used this for the second time (she thought my first)  I have like a serious allergic problem . Which is , NOT ! I do have allergic when I used this but not because of this product . So , I kind of use it behind her back xD

Anyway , I still need to use some of concealer to cover up my scar . When I first apply it on my face , it tends to become a bit pale for me but later on it even out beautifully

I don't know if you noticed I blend a little bit of this product at my hand . I think this is all from me . Will update more later ~~^^

Love , 

P/S : Do comment about my post and the new SONGS I put !^^ Can't wait for Super Junior comeback!!^^

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !
OMG...I should update about this months ago but I don't have the time to do it . I'm sorry !!! TT__TT

Anyway , today , I'm going to talk about SEPHORA !!
I went to Sephora in June . I Know , it's already July .

nice paper bag !
I bought many items !!

Let's start with the first item that I like ! ^^

SEPHORA Waterproof eye make-up remover

First of all , I AM SOOOO SORRY ! I forgot how much this costs . But I think it's about RM35 . correct me if I'm wrong .

-RM35 (Not sure)
-125 ml
-formulated with a complex rich in flavonoids and oilve extracts to strengthen lashes
-cleanse really well
-not oily ! ^^

I have to say that I really love this product soooooo much !! ^^


f.o.x Auto Concealer Stick

-I forgot the price..again...=.=  but I think it's about RM50-60
-it comes in 2 color and I pick the darkest . AC02
-quite nice texture

I have been using this almost everyday . But , I don't think I want to give this 5/5 cause it doesn't do much . It conceal nicely but i'm not that satisfied enough . Oh well .


 f.o.x Brow & Shadow Compact

-RM55 ... I GUESS...
-It is for eyebrow but can also be awesome is that?
-Save space for traveling

I love using this kind of thing because it makes my eye brow look more natural . I can't really say much thing about eye brow because I'm not good with it . Wait till' I go to make-up class okay??  ^^


I bought this for my friends and I took Vanilla Creme Brulee . It costs RM5 each .. I like the smell and colors ! COLORFUL !! ^^

This is a sample that I got . It's a skin care , a serum . But I don't use it cause I'm sticking with Herbaline and B.liv  ^^

I think that is all from me....
OH WAIT!!nooo..

i wanna talk about Sephora Malaysia . I'm a little bit dissapointed because some of the products that I thought it would sell like NYX and elf are not available . And some of the products are Asian products like f.o.x . It's Taiwan . I thought products in Sephora all come from the west . =,=

Nevertheless , I LOVE SEPHORA ! I can spend like 2 hours in there!!Poor my future boyfriend

That is all from me!Oh and


I AM!!

EUNHYUK! ... I can't see his eyes =.=

They will release one picture per day ~~^^


Sunday, June 19, 2011

f(x) Hot Summer .. not as in f(x) in add math

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
Today , I want to share with you guys about my latest inspired look .
Inspired by f(x) new song theme , Hot Summer . Actually , this look kind of inspired by Victoria's red lips look . But I did more dramatic with the smokey eyes . LoL!
First time trying such a heavy make-up .

So here it is!!

SJ-M cameo appearance LoL!

Some of the pic(i'm not sure which) I used Etude House LingLingAkuGeli  Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss .
So it look sooooooo SHINee and and sexy . *shy*

I did so many layers of foundation actually but I still can't get the perfect and flawless skin . Thinking of buying Naturactor ..(?) Not sure what is that thing call but my sister said most of make-up artist use it .

Here are some of bonus pictures ... LoL

Non-edit and sleepy face . Come on , I took these pictures in 2AM . Of course I'm sleepy but still want to cam-whoring . hahaha!

Make-up that I used
-Stage foundation and primer
-f.o.x eyebrow powder
-Slikygirl and Elianto eyeshadow
-Dior lipstic(my mom's)

p/s : can you spotted any K-POP related words?hehe~~

Untill now,


Super Junior's Lee Donghae a.k.a Mr.Fish endorses Maxim

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !
How are you?Happy Father's day to all men call father in this world .
And Abah , I LOVE YOU !!! ^^ <3

Anyway , today I'm going to talk about ~

It's Donghae saying I LOVE YOU with a not-so-happy face~ ..=,=
SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE!!!!!!!!well , no actually..I'm going to talk about Maxim contact lens . WHICH ! Lee Donghae from Super Junior endorses . ^^

As the pictures above , I have bought the yellow box . Bigger Color Eyes in Choco Brown . This lens actually costs RM90 BUT ! I went Hari Belia and they had a booth there . They had a promotion which this box only costs RM80 . *SIDE NOTE : I went to Hari Belia to watch SUPER JUNIOR M!!!unfortunately , Donghae was absent because of his drama shooting  =,=*

If I'm not mistaken , the diameter is 14.0 mm . I'm not sure though . Bigger Color Eyes come in 8 different color . I've used Big Color Eyes , the blue box before . Because it is cheaper .

And you know what , the 2 weeks of holiday , I had problem with my eyes . I forgot the name of that illness , but it have something to do with using contact lens . We usually see contact lens have 1 to 3 months of using . But actually , my doctor said it's safer to use 1 months disposable lens . So , this lens , is 1 month disposable .


The lens , when I first wear this at school , I was afraid people will noticed it because I only use clear or the black one to school . But my friend said it's not that noticeable ..pheww~~

I like more to natural asian eye color not like grey , green or blue .

Now , let's spazz with Donghae's picture!

The brochure I got .

I want those boxes ! Unfortunately , it is only available in Thailand >.<

For further information or LEE DONGHAE's picture go to


Urinen ELF-eoyo !!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gone (almost) crazy at The Body Shop part 2

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
How are you?So , school going to start tomorrow..O M G ..
urghh.....The horror of sending in HOMEWORKS!!

Nway , in this post I'm going to talk about I gone crazy-almost- at The Body Shop . I just love Body Shop sooooo much !

So , these are the things I bought
-Spa Wisdom JapanYuzu & Green Tea Bathing Salts
-Eyeshadow Brush

Let's talk about Spa Wisdom Japan Yuzu & Green Tea Bathing Salts first


The smell , OMG ! I love the smell ALOT  ! When the 1st time I used this , I smiled like an idiot . hahah!
I cannot describe how much I love the smell ! It smells manly ? haha! If I'm married , I'll make sure my husband use this all the time ! hahahaha!!

Back to the , this baby right here cost RM99 . BUT ! When I was shopping at The Body Shop , they gave me discount because they were having promotion . And I got 50%+10% off !! ^^ me likey~~

Some information
-RM99 but I get 60% off
-It is bathing salt
-It tastes salty ... yes , I ACCIDENTLY tasted it  >.<
-Yuzu is a citrus fruit .. I think
-Green tea ,, is a tea...hahaha!

After I used this , my skin does feel softer and the smell *drools*
I just love the smell!!


The eyeshadow brush . It's a flat brush . And synthetic . OF COURSE! It's The Body Shop we talking here . The Body Shop is against animal testing sooooo for sure they're against using animal as their product . I don't know how to rate this brush but I can say , I like this brush..

-RM35 but I get 10% off
-Flat eyeshadow brush

I like the handle ! Nice one ~!^^

I think that is all ,,,Untill we meet again!! ^^


Friday, June 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
Last night , I did a make-up look . hahaha!so bored you know~IT'S PINK !! fyi , i don't really like pink .. but I think the color pink goes well with me..hahaha!!
so here it is

Can't really see the silver .. >.<
anyway , i used Miss Rose palette and also Elianto eyeshadow

the color i used , i marked with this symbol   <3

Hot Pink from Elianto

Product I used
1)Miss Rose palette
2)Elianto eyeshadow (Hot Pink)
3)Elianto Blender Brush
4)The Body Shop eyeshadow brush (flat)
5)Stage Basic Eyeshadow Brush TB6100-01
6)Cyber Colors Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Black
7)Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil in BK999
8)f.o.x Brow and shadow compact
9)Maybelline Volum' Express Hybercurl in Very Black

Okay , I know i said that i hate majolica majorca eyeliner before , but i used that for tightline my eyes . So , i used hot pink at the outer part of my lid and the 2 pinkish color from Miss Rose as gradient . For my brow , I used f.o.x . I bought at SEPHORA! *giggles*  Wish I can do tutorial , but ...I don't know how to edit video .  >.<  I'll learn and for sure going to upload a tutorial video!!!wish me luck!

and also , wish me luck for my interview next week!!

I have an interview for exchange student program to Japan , I wish I can make it!!!Wish me luck!!!