Sunday, March 31, 2013

Inspirational People : The Cute Bubz

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello 

Happy Sunday everyone ! Hope you have a good weekend . Anyway , today I will talk about one of my inspirational people . That is , Bubz ! or her real name Lindy Tsang

What I like about her is , she is really cute and funny ! Not only her beauty tips are amazing but she also gives lots of good advice about life . Not just a make-up artist but Bubz also owns a online store where she sells her own brand of make-up brushes . Which I have one and it is indeed amazing :D

Another thing I love about her is she is so up and about ! I can say that based on her videos , I think her life is simple but she loves it very much . From make-up , DIY , hair tutorial , nail tutorial , girl's talk , crazy videos and so many kind of videos she shared in her youtube channel .

I seriously love her !!! Shall we her videos now ?

Oh!She already engaged !

Check out her web :

About her make-up brush , I recommend it ! really !!!

p/s : she once replied my tweet and I went asdfghkl   LoL!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not so random post : My current life

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !

How are you guys feeling ? First of all , I want to say sorry about not updating . I have quite a lot to review about but the time seems very envy of me . or shall I say , the internet .

Anyway , I'm going to inform you guys something . I have started my college life (OMG.asdfghjkl) and I am so busy with classes . Though I actually have the time to update , but the internet in my hostel is so slow like a turtle with broken leg . I can't even load to . *sigh*

The bad news : I can't update much
The good news : I can only update on weekends since I'm not staying at the hostel in the weekend .

The other bad news : I actually plan to review about something . But I left my camera . so urm .. I can't update ==' i am sooooo sorry !

Anyway , wish me luck in my college !!!

I love you all!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review on Maybelline

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !
Did you know, that one of my favourite make-up brand is actually Maybelline ?
I seriously love the mascara from their brand .
Today , I'm going to review on Maybelline mascara and lipstick

Let's start with the mascara shall we ?

The name given is Long Extreme Stiletto
Love the name stiletto . Reminds me of a sexy shoe . hihi . This mascara is waterproof(obviously.I won't buy anything that isn't waterproof) and in black

What I like about this mascara is how it separates my lashes . It makes my lashes longer and hold the curl quite nice . Immediately , I fell in love with this one . Of course , I've tried most of Maybelline mascara , but I have to give this baby 10/10 !!! I am not joking at all

without mascara

without mascara
right eye(left side) : with mascara and curl  left eye(right side) : with mascara only

with mascara and curl

with mascara only

 So in the pictures , I showed how I used the mascara with and without curling my lashes . See how it separates my lashes beautifully and it somehow makes my lashes look natural !! hahaha!!

Now , let's continue with the lipstick

I <3 ?????????     SUPER JUNIOR!hahah!

I always wanted to try red lipstick . Sadly , I tried quite a lot and none suits me  T_T  But say hello to The Jewels!This lipstick is The Jewels by Colorsensational in 630 Rubylicious . The colour is actually slightly dark and deep .I am not sure about the undertone colour . I think it's blue . Gosh , I need to re-check . But the red stands out really nice on my skin tone . Love the colour but somehow I'm quite afraid to wear this in public . AHAHA! Would you wear red lipstick on daily basis ?

 Camwhoring for a bit . hahaha!!! What do you think the colour for my skintone ?

Till then beautiful


Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Skin-2PM*cute voice*

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!

Today I'm ging to talk about 2PM!'m going to review on It's Skin BB cream.

Note:2PM is a korean boy band that endorses It's Skin and It's Skin is a Korean brand

I actually, never thought that It's Skin outlet is available in Malaysia.But when I shopped at BB Plaza(if I'm not mistaken) , I found the outlet ! I bought the best BB Cream , like what the salesgirl said

Doesn't the name remind you of something??oh yeah.snail.siput babi ==' I didn't realised it until I got back home.That is when I realised at the box have the word SNAIL on it.I was horrified at first.LoL!

So anyway , this BB cream have anti UVA,UVB,lifting and whitening.And it is also hydrates and protects the skin . SPF25 is a big plus for me since I'm looking a sunblock + foundation .

What I like about this BB Cream is that it's actually conceal my blemishes . It does conceal pimples scar  but not surgical scar . The texture is smooth and slightly diluted than other BB Cream I've tried . This explain the snail...  bleghhhhh.Why did I put snail on my face again?  >.<

you seriously need a small amount

it is white.Wait till it oxidised
At first,it comes out really white.You need to wait for a few minutes to make sure it oxidised and suits your skin colour . What I usually do is , I would wear concealer than apply bb cream then finish it with some powder . And wallah! you got the Korean no make-up look !

What I don't like about this BB Cream is , since it is a pump bottle , it made the cap dirty . I need to clean it to avoid bacteria accumulates there . One more thing is , since our weather is humid , my face starts to get oily after several hours.or less than 2 hours . Seriously , I don't think there is a BB Cream or foundation can make my skin matte all day long in this kind of humid weather .

Anyway , this BB Cream is actually quite expensive . It cost RM91 . So , I asked the salesgirl

Me:No promotion ahh?
Me:Got free gift ahh?  :D
Salesgirl:Okay laa . I give you these

hahahaha!This actually reminds me when I went to Korea.Since I'm a foreigner , I just walk into beauty store , and they gave me free face mask!!Just walk and take a look!No need to buy anything.I did that around Myeongdong and got almost 10 face mask xD The beauty of free gifts.LoL!

I tried the mask , the one with Nickhun on it(he is the thai member in 2PM.Yes,he is a Thai in a Korean boy band.) .It is supposed to be for moisture but the mask isn't moist like I think it will be . The other one is really great ! That small yellow packet is a moiturizer . I didn't use it yet .

So overall on the BB Cream I would give it 4 out 5

Before I say goodbye , let's watch 2PM's CF for It's Skin..They are such a trolls xD


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inspirational People : My First Make-Up Guru , Michelle Phan

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !

Being a make-up lover (urmm,what?) , of course I have several make-up gurus that I've subscribed in Youtube . One of it is Michelle Phan .

Here is a little story . The first time I take seriously about make-up when I was early 15 years old . The reason is , I have been amazed by the flawless skin of KPOP idols and I have been searching the technique of doing the flawless make-up look for over the years . And youtube have been such a great help . I stumbled across some videos and walaa ! I met Michelle Phan .

I love her technique and videos . Her video style have been improved since then . I still remember the time when she shoot the videos all by herself. Now, I think she got some teams to help her out .

Not only a make-up guru,she released her own jewellery line , Ever Eden and own a beauty company name Ipsy

I have been following her since before she with Lancóme . And it makes me realised , can I be like her ? Not only in make-up industry but also business industry . She has been my inspiration since then .

Let's take a look at her videos , shall we?Watch it in HD!!

Her first video , I think

and now see how her video style have changed !!

and this video has been inspired me to work in the make-up industry.even though I'm not professional but I hope I can successful like her !

check out her web :

Thank you Michelle for being such a great person!!!You are my inspiration!

"Throw your dreams into space like a kite , and you do not know what it will bring back , a new life , a new friend , a new love , a new country" - Anaïs Nin

Love ,