Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review on Maybelline

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !
Did you know, that one of my favourite make-up brand is actually Maybelline ?
I seriously love the mascara from their brand .
Today , I'm going to review on Maybelline mascara and lipstick

Let's start with the mascara shall we ?

The name given is Long Extreme Stiletto
Love the name stiletto . Reminds me of a sexy shoe . hihi . This mascara is waterproof(obviously.I won't buy anything that isn't waterproof) and in black

What I like about this mascara is how it separates my lashes . It makes my lashes longer and hold the curl quite nice . Immediately , I fell in love with this one . Of course , I've tried most of Maybelline mascara , but I have to give this baby 10/10 !!! I am not joking at all

without mascara

without mascara
right eye(left side) : with mascara and curl  left eye(right side) : with mascara only

with mascara and curl

with mascara only

 So in the pictures , I showed how I used the mascara with and without curling my lashes . See how it separates my lashes beautifully and it somehow makes my lashes look natural !! hahaha!!

Now , let's continue with the lipstick

I <3 ?????????     SUPER JUNIOR!hahah!

I always wanted to try red lipstick . Sadly , I tried quite a lot and none suits me  T_T  But say hello to The Jewels!This lipstick is The Jewels by Colorsensational in 630 Rubylicious . The colour is actually slightly dark and deep .I am not sure about the undertone colour . I think it's blue . Gosh , I need to re-check . But the red stands out really nice on my skin tone . Love the colour but somehow I'm quite afraid to wear this in public . AHAHA! Would you wear red lipstick on daily basis ?

 Camwhoring for a bit . hahaha!!! What do you think the colour for my skintone ?

Till then beautiful



  1. hello, boleh x tunjuk cara mcm mana nak tau red lipstick yg mcm mana yg sesuai dgn kulit kita ? and one more, ur sister guna what brand for her red lipstick ? thanks :)

    1. hi!sebenarnya,banyak cara.but from my experience, i like to test one by one.tapi,test dekat bibir,bukan dukat kulit tangan.kakak saya suka pakai Ruby Woo by M.A.C