Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's all about lipstick ~~ pucker up your lips !

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !!

First of all, I am so sorry that I didn’t update for a long time . Forgive me . I’ve been … around actually but too lazy to update  :P

Anyway , today I’m going to talk about lipstick . I am not the type who wear lipstick actually . And I never had a lipstick before . To think about it , a person who loves make-up doesn’t have lipstick is crazy . Yes , I am . So , I decided to buy 2 at the same time !!!! I bought for 3 months already ? I’m not sure .

Both of it are from Revlon  

Left : Revlon Colorburst in 070     Right : Revlon Super Lustrous in 225
 I have to admit I don't know how to pick the right colour . So , I grabbed any colour that I think nice and beautiful . 

Colourbust in 070 is a very pale colour which suits people who have light skin tone . It doesn't work on me actually  ....  *pouts*  I think I need to find another pale colour..

Super Lustrous in 225 is a deep red colour which is very sexy . I love it . But I think it's too red for me who is 16 years old . 

Since both of the colour doesn't work on me , I mix the colours with my various of lipgloss . Sometime , I mix both of the colours . I do like to put the pale colour all over my lips and the red one in the middle so it looks like lip stain .

I don't remember the price but both of the lipstick are not over RM35 . 

Next , I asked my sister to buy me another lipstick . And she bought me Sephora Rouge in R14 / Seduce . Sorry I don't have the picture since my sister took the camera... TT__TT  but you can check the picture here  >>>  <<<

 It's a nice pink colour which doesn't suits me...I think lipstick hates me   .. A LOT 

But I do love the smell . It smell so nice . And it is quite long-lasting . I don't know the price since my sister forgot it.. oh well ,

and NOW , I have 3 lipsticks !! yeay !!!  

That is all from me . Oh and by the way , can you recommend me any Malaysian beauty blog ? Thank you~~

Love ,