Saturday, May 14, 2011

Etude House : Lipgloss~ chu ~~

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera , and Hello everyone

How are you today?^^ It's been a while since I have updated right?^^
Okay , so today I'm going to talk about a lipgloss that my sister bought for me .
It is from Etude House . I did asked her how much is the lipgloss , but she couldn't remembered how much...
Great .

Anyway , this is the lipgloss  >>>

The name is SUPER LONG !!

Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss

And it is in clear color . Actually , I asked my sister to bought me the other thing . It's lip tint .
But they said , Etude House don't produce it no more . That thing is super great ! Cause my sister had it .

Anyway , back to the story ,

This is the brush tip . When I first applied it , I was surprise because the tip actually ROLLS .. so that's why the name is Roll Roll . LoL . What i like about it , is that this tip give a nice smooth application .

Very shiny right ? There are actually many color but I'm not quite sure how many shades . The texture is quite thick and nice . The smell , I think it's smells like some sort of medicine but my sister said it's smells like flower?Not quite sure though .

This clear lipgloss look so AMAZING if you apply on lipstick . Sexy gituh ~ hahaha!!
I think that is all from me . ^^


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I dyed my hair with Liese .. ~^^~

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone

YES!!another post for today!!!!!^^
I have exam btw..haha!anyway , Recently I dyed my hair...nghahaha . To released my tension . << lame excuse

anyway , I dyed my hair with Liese Bubble Hair Color in Chestnut Brown . If you wonder how to pronounce Liese ,it is pronounced as Lee-Say ...I once pronounced it as Lis . Yeah . Anyway , when the product was released I actually attracted to it . But scared to buy because I never done a DIY hair dyed . So I was scared it till turn out bad . FORTUNATELY !!! I love with this outcome result!!!!

Before we start this review , let's get random with me!!

This is before I colored my hair . Anyway , back to the story ,

NOTE : My hair before I dyes is black .

I love how they gave sooooo many instruction in this product . And they even gave in Japanese . Yeay I 'can' read Japanese *sarcastic*
I will learn that language!!

Anyway , I just love the packaging and those things inside . And here is the Before and After




when i washed the bubble , I was like

"OH MY GOD!!!"

cause I thought it will be darker than I thought it will be . Kind of feel like Super Junior's Donghae hair color . LOL . But actually as you can see in the picture , it was actually lighter than in real life . Thanks to my lamp desk . My hair looked brunnet all of a sudden .


It's Canmake baby~

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sorry that I didn't update for a long time . I was really busy with school so I don't have time to open my lappy . So to make-up for you guys (which I'M SURE ONLY a little of you will read ) I'll do another post later on ^^

So , today I'm going to talk about a cream blusher that I bought .... not sure when , and it is from Canmake

It's shimmer actually and it is in peach color . What I like about this cream cheek is that it actually easy to wear . Just use your finger . I don't know why I feel very cute when I use this . LoL!!

Anyway , can you see the texture?

It have a very pink undertone , so you can't really see the peach color but it is peachy . If you know what I'm saying .

This product costs RM43.90 and I bought it SaSa.

That is all from me!!!


All About Hair : JS Beauty Hair System

Assalamualaikum , Slemata Sejahtera and Hello everyone..

wait,,another post?  =,=
I just found a folder that I didn't do a review about ..huyuuu..Anyway , this post is about hair . As you can see in the title .

I bought these 3 items for RM48...SAY WHAT?! RM48?!

yes , you read it right...Do you want me to bold it..


It's cheap !! I usually see this brand at salon so i decided to buy somewhere in ECM . I forgot the shop name . And I love this product ! It makes my hair soft ! And also , not frizzy . It is for dry hair and also colored and permed hair .

That's all from me~~bye!