Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gone crazy at The Body Shop + giveaway??

Hello ! Hello !
How are you ? I hope you in a good mood because I am in a good mood too !!!! ^^ I went to The Body Shop in ECM .. So , i kind of bought a lot of things . hehe ~ The thing is , I got 25% off for everything I bought because they have a birthday promotion . Anyway , here are the stuffs I have bought

List that I have bought
~All In One Face Base in Number 4 (net price : RM75 . Promotion price : RM65)
~Brush Face and Body (RM 68)
~Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (RM75)
~Nutriganics Smoothing Mask (RM 99)
~Loose Powder (RM55) *This is my sister's i'm not going to do a review about it

I must say that I kind of crazy that time to spend a lot of money for all those things. But thank God I got RM50 off because of the birthday promotion thingy . Let's talk about the compact powder first shall we?

Left : All In One Face Base   Right : Loose powder

So the loose powder is my sister's . Anyway , the All In One Face Base costs RM 65 because body shop is having a promotion . Before I went to buy this , I read some reviews , saying this thing is superb . Well , since i went out for dinner just now and used this , i have to say ... it just so-so . -_________-;

But I'm going to try it again . On the internet , they said this comes in 6 shades , but i just found 5 shades . Where is another 1?! Ok , this powder contains Marula Oil and Vitamin E as the main ingredients .

It comes with a round sponge

I'm in the mirror!!

I picked Number 4 because it is a shade lighter than me . The salesgirl suggested me Number 5 . But Number 5 have the same shade as mine . I don't want to look darker than my skin tone when the oil comes out .. O_o?  anyway , the texture is actually quite nice so .. I'm going to give it a try again .

I also bought Face and Body Brush to use with this ..hahaha!! 

This brush is a synthetic brush . Like of course , we're talking about THE BODY SHOP . They are AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING and they are NATURE-LOVER . Anyway , I love the brush because it is very soft . And it's big !!!!!

Now , let's move to skin care

Left : Nutriganics Smoothing Mask   Right : Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Why I bought this mask when I already falling in LOVE with HERBALINE's LIGHTENING MASK ? Well , it was because

1)I'm pretty sure Herbaline is close now because of Chinese New Year
2)I just did a calculation .  >>>>

The Herbaline Mask costs RM33 for 3 . So one is RM11 . I used the mask every week . So a month have 4 weeks . RM11 x 4 = RM44 . A year have 12 months . SO RM44 x 12 = RM528

What the Hell ?! I spend RM528 for only mask ??!! That is totally freaking me out!!   *Bukti pelajar Account .. hahahahaha!!*

So i guess , if I use this Body Shop mask , I can save a lot of money . RM99 for this container is actually quite good right ? I'm guessing I can use this for a year or less .

Anyway , this is actually a clay mask and the main ingredients are Kaolin clay , Organic Olive Oil and Carrot Oil . Comes in 100ml . I can't wait to use this !!! ^^

Next is ,

..Why this things is so complicated to say and type ??!! -__-;

anyway , the main ingredients are Sweet Almond Oil , Shea Butter and Glycerin . Now , where is the ingredient that contains Vitamin C ???

Ok , when the salesgirl suggest me this , I was afraid to try because Vitamin C can make skin drier . I have a combination skin so I was kind of afraid to use this . But she said , this scrub contains Shea Butter that will moisturizes the skin . So when , I went to the internet , the main ingredients really helps to moisturize the skin as well as help the skin from dulling . This scrub contains of 75ml . So 1ml = RM1..kyaaaaa!!!

Wow , I think this post is long . And I'm tired .. >.<  I wanna sleep !!!! *yawn*
But I wanna use the scrub and also the mask .. hehe~~
I'll make sure to do a review about it later okay ??

As for now , I have a not so exciting/great news ..haha!!

If you want it , please do comment and tell me about it .. And I'll think about it . If only 1 person wants it , I don't wanna do it .

The giveaway is The Body Shop Sunblock . I'll post the picture later ..


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY : Lip scrub for chapped lips~

Hi guys ! so today , I'm going to share you a very great secret for having  BEAUTIFUL , SEXY lips ~
I've been doing this secret for a while and I LOVE IT !!

If you have a smooth lips , you can wear lipstick without worrying it looked terrible . The secret is easy and simple !

first prepare :
~1 teaspoon of sugar
~1/2 teaspoon of natural honey
~1/2 teaspoon of olive oil

Then , mix it up together until you get a gooey mixture . On a dry lips , slowly rub the mixture with a dry finger . Take a tissue and wiped it off . Repeat the process two times and you can also rinse it off with water .Lastly , put on some lip balm or vaselin . I recommend an aloe vera lip balm as aloe vera can help lips to moisture .

And tadaa!!You have a smooth , healthy and sexy lips!!!

Anyway , this secret is very good because honey and aloe vera can help to overcome chapped lips ~

It is safe to lick the mixture as it doesn't have any chemical but I have to warn you it is SUPER SWEET !! >.< you may have a tooth-ache

Hope you learn some new tips and happy trying!

Love , 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vitamin E is good for your skin !!!!! Believe me~~~

Hi everyone ! How are you guys doing?
Ok , today I want to talk about the benefits of Vitamin E . Did you know that Vitamin E can do miracles to your skin ? Here are some of the benefits :

-Regulator for Vitamin A
-Sun protection and Sun burn treatment (I LOVE VITAMIN E BECAUSE OF THIS!!! ^^)
-Treatment of skin diseases - erythema (a skin inflammation that results in reddish, painful, and tender lumps)
-Treatment of scars (ONCE AGAIN ,,, I LOVE VITAMIN E!!)
-To prevent Skin Cancer

So guys , taking Vitamin E can help you a lot . It improves your skin condition and of course to prevent Skin Cancer which is really good ! I love the fact that Vitamin E act as Sun protection and Sun burn treatment . This is because my skin is really sensitive to Sun ray's . It only took 1 hour to burn my skin and 1 WHOLE YEAR TO TREAT IT BACK . It sucks okay . -___-;

I also love the fact that Vitamin E can help to reduce scars . Since I have a major scar on my skin , I hope Vitamin E can reduce it . So , I asked my mom if she ever took Vitamin E before and she said yes . That's why her skin is FLAWLESS !!! I envy my mom's flawless face . Not only that , she also have a very fair skin tone . Now I know her secrets .. Muahahahaha!!

Ok , back to the point , have you ever wondered what are Vitamin E made of ? Well , it actually made of compounds called tocopherols . 

What ?

So basically , it made of vegetable oil which you can found in whole seeds , whole nuts and soybean . You can find Vitamin E in these foods :

-nuts (almond , hazelnut )
-sweet potato (NYAMMS!!)
-sunflower seeds

Or you just can buy Vitamin E that sell in pharmacy . Recently , I bought Blackmores Bio E 500 and I take it daily . Anyway , Vitamin E is not only good for the skin , but it also good for :

-menstrual pain
-various diabetes related complications and maybe helpful in treating and preventing diabetes itself

just some of it ...

So what are you waiting for ? Go and take Vitamin E as your supplement rather than taking B***** InnerS**** or Kino******* BB***** , which I am postively sure that BB***** is NOT HALAL .   :P

Now go spread the great news to other~~^^
and always remember if you have a healthy life , you have a healthy and beautiful skin . And you are beautiful !! .... beautiful is a subject .... ^^

Love , 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review : ETUDE HOUSE product that I own

Hi guys!
it's been a while since I've updated right? School is starting and I have like many HOMEWORKS!!  T_T

anyway , today I'm going to do a review on Etude House product that I own . If you read my last post , I talk about my brother bought me Etude House BB cream and also eyeliner . Let's start with the BB CREAM first

-I'm too lazy to upload pictures...mianhaeyo!!-

Etude House BB Magic Cream

This BB cream actually have quite nice texture and coverage . It can cover pimples scars but not scars . pimple scars only . I like this BB cream because of the creamy texture and when I used it , it actually have a good coverage . Better than my Skin79 Dream Girls . That is the worst BB Cream i have ever used . Anyway , what I don't like about this BB cream is , well , after 3 hours of wearing it , my face starts to get oily . Especially on the T-zone . But that , is kindda normal yet it is really annoying ~~ for me .. 

I used this BB cream almost everyday . Especially when I go to school . Because it saves time . Just wear this BB cream and then puff some powder and you done !

Rating : 4/5

Etude House Styling Eyeliner

This eyeliner is easy to glide on the waterline and have a very dark black colour which I love it so much . Sadly , it smudges A LOT . Like seriously . I just hate it when it smudge . So, I only uses this on the upper eye lid and when I want to do a wing , like sketch it with this eyeliner first then fill it up with gel eyeliner . So , I don't favour this eyeliner much

Rating : 2/5

Well , that was short isn't ? I'll try to update more if I can .. ... sadly , my homework gets into the way . aigoo .... >.<

Anyway , have a good day guys!!^^

Love ,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Etude House

2nd post for today!!^^

Ok so , My brother said I can have whatever I want for my birthday and also as my PMR great achievement present . So , I want make-up . LOL ! Yesterday , we went to Etude House , Time square .Fulls of pink . Not my fav colour , Anyway m I bought(picked) only 2 things after more than 15 minuted roaming around there . First is their famous and best-seller BB cream and eyeliner . 
BB Magic Cream and Styling Eye Liner
Let's start with their number 1 BB Cream

This BB cream is called BB Magic Cream . It have SPF30 PA++ and it is 35 ml . It costs RM49.90 .

**BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes,
corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage.

**UVA,UVB Sun Protection
Cucumber & Caviar extracts supply skin moisture
Eucalyptus relieves problem prone skin to curb breakouts
Promotes flawless complexion with natural ‘No Makeup Look’

**taken at their website since all the description is in korean . Eventhough i can read korean , i can't understand what they're saying -__-;  have too learn korean more!!

Anyway , the texture is actually quite thick and nice . And the smell is also good . I can't wait to use it tomorrow!!^^

unique pump ...

quite nice right?
i think i will love this more than my previous bb cream . And the price is also very cheap ! I mean my Skin79 Dream Girls costs RM88 and this is half from it!

Next , is their eyeliner

eyeliner comes in many different types . Gel , liquid , pencil and this one ...i dunnow what people called it but i call it crayon . I actually bought this because well, i like eyeliner . LOL .

This is in black colour and costs only RM17.91 . It looks nice .

I have to say that Etude House make-up are quite cheap . My sister and I wanted to buy a lip gloss , but they doesn't have the lip gloss that we want . We actually got a free lip gloss when we went to Korea and that lip gloss is my favourite . Unfortunately , the stock is not here in Malaysia . So sad .

Love ,

p/s : do you guys think i should do a give-away?  XD

Review : Foundations that I own

I know it's 2nd of Jan but ...yeah..haha!
anyway , someone had requested me to do the best foundation review . Well , I only own 2 foundations  . They are from Bobbi Brown and the other one is from Stage (Note : Stage is a Malaysian product . Sokong buatan Malaysia!!^^)

Stage and Bobbi Brown

Let's start with a Malaysian product , STAGE

STAGE Photo Pro Foundation
I bought this early october if I'm not mistaken . It was actually for my school's dinner . My foundation is 04 Take 3 . And it is 30ml . What I like about this foundation are the texture and also it does not produce oil that much . Of course you have to wear it with a primer . This foundation cost RM90 but I bought it half of the price because they were having a promotion back then .

The thick texture

I did not blend it to well . Sorry!
As you can see , it is actually slightly 2 shades fairer than my skin . Because i accidently use it too much . This foundation also have a nice coverage and have like a dewy effect . I only use this foundation if i have big event like dinner or party .

Rating : 4/5

Next , my first foundation , Bobbi Brown

 This is my most expensive make-up product that i ever had ! It costs RM 150 . Actually, i wanted to buy the concealer but i accidently bought this . But hey , it works ...nice..I guess .
It's a stick foundation
 My colour is Warm Natural 4.5 . And it is 9g . I like this foundation because it's small and the colour is very nice . I really like the colour . When i use this , my face really look natural and matte . It have a yellow undertone so , it suits me . And i think most of Asian people . This foundation also can use a concealer if you don't want to use it on whole face.
Left : Bobbi Brown
What I don't like about this foundation is the after effect . I have a combination skin . My t-zone is oily so after i wear this foundation about 3-4 hours i noticed that my t-zone becomes very oily . And after the first time i use this foundation , many small pimples are produced on my forehead ! But now , it doesn't . So maybe it was because i use other products with this but i do read some review , some people also have the same problem with me . But different people different effect right ? If you like to wear foundation everyday , i suggest this . Because the texture is not thick .

Rating : 4/5

I blend those two foundation on my skin .
So , I hope you can choose wisely between these 2 foundation . And also , there is actually one more foundation i want to do a review but it is my sister's and she already gone back to Shah Alam . She uses Maybelline Angel Fit foundation . It looks nice on ehr and i think she love it because she use it everyday .

Ok guys , I hope you have a splendid year!!!^^

Love ,