Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Etude House

2nd post for today!!^^

Ok so , My brother said I can have whatever I want for my birthday and also as my PMR great achievement present . So , I want make-up . LOL ! Yesterday , we went to Etude House , Time square .Fulls of pink . Not my fav colour , Anyway m I bought(picked) only 2 things after more than 15 minuted roaming around there . First is their famous and best-seller BB cream and eyeliner . 
BB Magic Cream and Styling Eye Liner
Let's start with their number 1 BB Cream

This BB cream is called BB Magic Cream . It have SPF30 PA++ and it is 35 ml . It costs RM49.90 .

**BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes,
corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage.

**UVA,UVB Sun Protection
Cucumber & Caviar extracts supply skin moisture
Eucalyptus relieves problem prone skin to curb breakouts
Promotes flawless complexion with natural ‘No Makeup Look’

**taken at their website since all the description is in korean . Eventhough i can read korean , i can't understand what they're saying -__-;  have too learn korean more!!

Anyway , the texture is actually quite thick and nice . And the smell is also good . I can't wait to use it tomorrow!!^^

unique pump ...

quite nice right?
i think i will love this more than my previous bb cream . And the price is also very cheap ! I mean my Skin79 Dream Girls costs RM88 and this is half from it!

Next , is their eyeliner

eyeliner comes in many different types . Gel , liquid , pencil and this one ...i dunnow what people called it but i call it crayon . I actually bought this because well, i like eyeliner . LOL .

This is in black colour and costs only RM17.91 . It looks nice .

I have to say that Etude House make-up are quite cheap . My sister and I wanted to buy a lip gloss , but they doesn't have the lip gloss that we want . We actually got a free lip gloss when we went to Korea and that lip gloss is my favourite . Unfortunately , the stock is not here in Malaysia . So sad .

Love ,

p/s : do you guys think i should do a give-away?  XD

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