Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gone crazy at The Body Shop + giveaway??

Hello ! Hello !
How are you ? I hope you in a good mood because I am in a good mood too !!!! ^^ I went to The Body Shop in ECM .. So , i kind of bought a lot of things . hehe ~ The thing is , I got 25% off for everything I bought because they have a birthday promotion . Anyway , here are the stuffs I have bought

List that I have bought
~All In One Face Base in Number 4 (net price : RM75 . Promotion price : RM65)
~Brush Face and Body (RM 68)
~Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (RM75)
~Nutriganics Smoothing Mask (RM 99)
~Loose Powder (RM55) *This is my sister's i'm not going to do a review about it

I must say that I kind of crazy that time to spend a lot of money for all those things. But thank God I got RM50 off because of the birthday promotion thingy . Let's talk about the compact powder first shall we?

Left : All In One Face Base   Right : Loose powder

So the loose powder is my sister's . Anyway , the All In One Face Base costs RM 65 because body shop is having a promotion . Before I went to buy this , I read some reviews , saying this thing is superb . Well , since i went out for dinner just now and used this , i have to say ... it just so-so . -_________-;

But I'm going to try it again . On the internet , they said this comes in 6 shades , but i just found 5 shades . Where is another 1?! Ok , this powder contains Marula Oil and Vitamin E as the main ingredients .

It comes with a round sponge

I'm in the mirror!!

I picked Number 4 because it is a shade lighter than me . The salesgirl suggested me Number 5 . But Number 5 have the same shade as mine . I don't want to look darker than my skin tone when the oil comes out .. O_o?  anyway , the texture is actually quite nice so .. I'm going to give it a try again .

I also bought Face and Body Brush to use with this ..hahaha!! 

This brush is a synthetic brush . Like of course , we're talking about THE BODY SHOP . They are AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING and they are NATURE-LOVER . Anyway , I love the brush because it is very soft . And it's big !!!!!

Now , let's move to skin care

Left : Nutriganics Smoothing Mask   Right : Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Why I bought this mask when I already falling in LOVE with HERBALINE's LIGHTENING MASK ? Well , it was because

1)I'm pretty sure Herbaline is close now because of Chinese New Year
2)I just did a calculation .  >>>>

The Herbaline Mask costs RM33 for 3 . So one is RM11 . I used the mask every week . So a month have 4 weeks . RM11 x 4 = RM44 . A year have 12 months . SO RM44 x 12 = RM528

What the Hell ?! I spend RM528 for only mask ??!! That is totally freaking me out!!   *Bukti pelajar Account .. hahahahaha!!*

So i guess , if I use this Body Shop mask , I can save a lot of money . RM99 for this container is actually quite good right ? I'm guessing I can use this for a year or less .

Anyway , this is actually a clay mask and the main ingredients are Kaolin clay , Organic Olive Oil and Carrot Oil . Comes in 100ml . I can't wait to use this !!! ^^

Next is ,

..Why this things is so complicated to say and type ??!! -__-;

anyway , the main ingredients are Sweet Almond Oil , Shea Butter and Glycerin . Now , where is the ingredient that contains Vitamin C ???

Ok , when the salesgirl suggest me this , I was afraid to try because Vitamin C can make skin drier . I have a combination skin so I was kind of afraid to use this . But she said , this scrub contains Shea Butter that will moisturizes the skin . So when , I went to the internet , the main ingredients really helps to moisturize the skin as well as help the skin from dulling . This scrub contains of 75ml . So 1ml = RM1..kyaaaaa!!!

Wow , I think this post is long . And I'm tired .. >.<  I wanna sleep !!!! *yawn*
But I wanna use the scrub and also the mask .. hehe~~
I'll make sure to do a review about it later okay ??

As for now , I have a not so exciting/great news ..haha!!

If you want it , please do comment and tell me about it .. And I'll think about it . If only 1 person wants it , I don't wanna do it .

The giveaway is The Body Shop Sunblock . I'll post the picture later ..


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