Monday, February 18, 2013

Travel Post : 2 Girls in Singapore

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone

Another Travel Post ! :D I can't believe myself that in less than 2 months , I've been traveled to 4 different countries . Turkey , UK , Singapore and UAE(I will not post anything abt UAE because I went to Mecca.So,I don't have time to actually analyse the place except the ever non-stop construction around Masjidil Haram)

Anyway , HAPPY MONDAY ! Some people hates Monday I do , but hey it is the start of the week . If you really hates Monday , try wearing something that can boost your confidence . This way , you will feel more excited whenever Mondays come . New clothes perhaps . Different style . Slightly over-rated make-up?hahahaha!!

Where on earth I'm going here?BACK TO THE POINT!

Okay , I uploaded a video in my youtube account . It's about my trip to Singapore with my best friend . Enjoy ! note : the video is in Malay .....and my recording skill sucks.big time :P

Sad story happened . I lost my planner where I put all the details including my budget . So sad . Like really sad . So , probably some of the things I'm going to share is not really accurate

Traveled to Singapore by bus is actually quite fun . We took Aeroline Bus . It's a double deck coach and very comfortable . They provide TV , meal , hot drinks and even toilet ! The total ticket is RM140 including tax . But bear in mind , the ticket price will change due to season . We took the 6AM bus from KL and arrived around 10AM . Arrived straight at Vivo City next to Harbourfront is very convenient . Because we took MRT to go to the place we stayed .

We stayed at Rucksack Inn @ Lavender St . In Singapore they have 3 different places . It is actually a backpackers hostel . So , you have to share the toilet or maybe room . But we rented Double Room and  it is slightly expensive than the others . SGD 98 per night . I have to say that this place is really nice . The receptionist are very helpful and friendly . The environment is just too awesome . If I'm going to Singapore again , I would stay here ! Eventhough in the web says it is near to MRT station and Arab Street , you seriously need bus . Really .

Our main reason,or my best friend's main reason to go to Singapore is actually because of Universal Studios Singapore . SGD78 per person . About food , all of the restaurant in there have halal logo . So don't worry about starving . USS is really fun ! Before this , I was really scared of heights and roller coaster . But after rode Cylon menyahahhahahaha  , I wanted to ride it again and again . Adrenaline rush I suppose . LoL

After USS , we hang out around Sentosa Island and then went to Marine Life Park . It's a aquarium . Very beautiful and calming . You know , after playing and had a very exciting day , a way to relax the mind and soul is by going to this kind of place . I really suggested it . Only SGD29 per person and it is really worth it .

Some tips.

1)Take The Singapore Tourist Pass if you travel using public transport like MRT , LRT and Bus . It saves money and you don't have to wait in line to get tickets . It is like Touch N Go but only for tourist . Depending on your stay in Singapore , the provide a day pass , 2days pass and 3 days pass . We bought the 3 days pass and ended up waste . Because I miscalculate . We should have just take the 2days pass >.< Anyway , you can get this pass at Harbourfront MRT Station

2)Buy tourist simcard  if you planning to save your line from roaming data . only for SGD15 . You can get it at Harbourfront . Find a convenient store named Cheers(if I'm not mistaken) before you go down the escalator to Harbourfront MRT station . It is near to the escalator

3)If you use smart phone , it is very convenient to install the Singapore map and MRT route . Since we did a budget travel , we avoid taking taxi . Eventhough travel buy bus and MRT was quite tiring(you have to change the MRT line etc) but it was really fun .

4)STUDY THE MRT AND BUS ROUTE !!!!!!! if you don't want to get lost

When I went to Singapore , I only have SGD800 to spend . And I spent roughly SGD500 . If you study more , you can save your budget more .

That is all about my trip to Singapore ! ^^ Surprisingly , my parents let me go somewhere far with my best friend . And we were both shocked because our parents are actually very strict about going anywhere . My mom does not let me go to the town with my friends before . LoL!! I'm okay about it though . You see , I know why my mom did that . She's afraid that I will get too socialise . I don't even want that . I prefer to go out with my family . p/s:because that way , I will not spend my money much xD

Hopefully , next stop is Thailand . I have been wanting to go there especially Bangkok and Krabi Island !!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Travel Post : Hello London

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello

Okay,so in this post I will talk about my trip in London(finally..uarghhh) . We took flight from Istanbul to London . It was about 2 hours and half . Not that far :D As for London,we stayed for 7 days . Here is a funny story , when we arrived at Heathrow Airport , there are so many Japanese students.Like about 40 students or more wearing their school uniforms . My sister and I was so delighted to see them because they are so cute . Unexpectedly , we met them almost every time we were in London . My sister was like "If we meet them again today,it's a fate then"  LoL!

Windsor Castle

somehow this remind me of Winter Sonata

Windsor actually situated about an hour from London . It is a lot quiet here and colder . And we met Japanese students again . 



Madame Tussauds is actually a wax museum . It is really fun ! I really suggest you go here . Went there with my sister , my second brother and his wife . There is a part in this place call "SCREAM YOUR WAY OUT" . It is a haunted house which I closed my eyes all the way long . It is freaking scary okay?! The ghosts are moving!When I opened my eyes for a split second , I saw someone crawling towards me . OMG   T_T  Someone even breath really loud at my ears . GAAAAHH! Well,I know it's people but their make-up and clothes . uarghhhhhh. . Here's a tip , if you want to go here , buy the ticket online . IT IS A LOT CHEAPER . Trust me . You can also buy ticket for London Dungeon(I dare you guys go here.....),London Eye and Aquarium at the same time to get cheaper prices


Sadly , it was raining when we got here . So we can't actually enjoyed the trip . This place took about 2 hours from London and it is a waste actually . Do check the weather forecast before you come here please . Don't worry about tourist guide because once you enter , they will give you something like mp3 to listen . It is a guide which is very convenient .


You guys probably know Greenwhich Line right?  And this is the line . Cool right ? One more thing , British people call it Green-ish without the W . So practice guys


I'm not sure why the tourist guide brought us here but I know that Dato' Siti Nurhaliza perform here . It is such an honour for us Malaysian  :D


With my first sister-in-law

It is the Buckingham Palace !!! We got to see the changing of the guards . The guards didn''t wore the red uniform though . They wore grey uniform because it was winter . Interesting fact , the guards consists of five regiments . To differentiate them is by looking at their hat(?) , it has this napkin with colour represent the regiments . I am actually feels bad about the guards . They had to play the music in the cold weather !  ;A;  p/s:we met the Japanese student again


Only the siblings and sisters-in-law went here because my parents went here countless of time ==' Well , it is my first time in London ! Not really , I went to London twice when I was 2years old..What on earth can I remember that time ? Anyway , The Big Ben was real nice because it is situated at the north end of Palace of Westminster . It is also located near the church where Prince William and Kate held their wedding . I had a video where the clock strikes 12 and my second brother was dancing to every bell . LoL ! It was really funny . Unfortunately , I can't transfer the video ....need to find a able or something .
p/s : met the Japanese student again . LoL!! And they were shocked to see us jumping in the middle of the field because no one step grass there xD

I think that is all from me . I shall post more pictures in the second post . As for now , *vanish like a ninja*


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hair Is Crown : L'Oréal Mythic Oil

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !

Today I'm going to talk about hair products that I'm using now . I'm using L'Oréal Mythic oil range . I love it . It makes my hair smooth , shiny and soft .


-For all hair types
-The price depends on the salon . But if you want to get a cheaper price , try to find at the salon supplier
-The smell is not really present
-Makes my hair softer
-For all hair types
-The price depends on the salon
-Love how it makes my hair more manageable
Mythic Oil
-This oil comes in 4 types of oil . I chose the Mythic Oil
-For all hair types
-Love the smell and how it makes my not frizzy :D

As a conclusion , this range receive A+ from me . I did their hair treatment at my usual salon and absolutely fell in love with the range . After the treatment , my hair stay soft and manageable about a week . Before I did this treatment , my hair is very dry . But now , since I already cut my hair short , I need not worry :P

Eventhough you're wearing hijjab like me , pampering your hair is very important . Give your hair a treatment at least once a week . By treatment I mean you can do at home . It is a lot cheaper than going at the salon . But if your hair is too dry or problematic , go to salon once a month-Prepare a lot of moneyyyyyyy-

"One is loved because one is loved . No reason is needed for loving" - Paulo Coelho


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things from London

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !

It's been a while . I'm sorry . I have been going travel quite a lot . So I didn't have the time to update this blog . After I posted my post about my trip to Istanbul , I have been wanted to posted about my trip to London . But like i said , I have been slightly busy with travelling to other places .

Actually , I wanted to post about the London trip , but my pictures are in the other pappy . p/s:My dad bought me a new lappy :D weeeee~  I will post the London trip once I get back to Kuantan cause currently I'm in Kuala Lumpur

Back to the topic , here are some of the beauty things I got from United Kingdom

This is from my Istanbul trip actually :P portable perfume bottle

The products that I have bought

1.Smashbox Burlesque édition - This box contains
Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black
~It is actually quite good and I love how it is a felt tip . But then it doesn't have strong ability of staying power unlike japanese eyeliner.JAPAN COSMETIC FTW!

Lipgloss in Peep/Show
~I am quite confuse because it I'm not sure which one is Peep and which one is Show . But I love the colour especially the red one because it is so sexy :D

Shadow & Liner Quad
~The colour is nice . they grey one is actually a liquid liner so it is quite awesome to make a base shadow

Loose Shimmer in Burlesque
~At first I thought it was purplish pink loose pigment but actually it is gold when I tested it . Probably it have some gold dust in it . FAIRIES!!!

2.Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour SPF12 in Desert Rose
~I LOVE THIS COLOUR THE MOST! I have been using it everyday when I was in London and when I got back , every time I'm going out , I would wear this . It gives this natural lip colour look . Not that pink or pale but in the middle . It is really nice .

3.Nars Blusher in Luster
~People probably know the best-seller Nars Blusher in Orgasm (such a sexy name they got there...hurmmm o_o) . I wanted to buy that but I think it is not suitable with my skin colour so I end up with Luster . This luster is actually nice with tan skin . It have this orangey bronze colour which is really nice . I seldom use bronzer because I don't like to do shading on my face but this is a different story . It gives a nice glow when I use it on my cheek bone ....shade and highlight is different . ignore my explanation :P

4.MAC brush 129
~It is made from horse tail hair O_O

5.Victoria Secret perfume Noir Tease
~LOVE THE SMELL ! It is so sexy but it doesn't last long enough T_T Really hope it last longer though .

I think that is all from me .

Love ,