Friday, February 15, 2013

Travel Post : Hello London

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello

Okay,so in this post I will talk about my trip in London(finally..uarghhh) . We took flight from Istanbul to London . It was about 2 hours and half . Not that far :D As for London,we stayed for 7 days . Here is a funny story , when we arrived at Heathrow Airport , there are so many Japanese students.Like about 40 students or more wearing their school uniforms . My sister and I was so delighted to see them because they are so cute . Unexpectedly , we met them almost every time we were in London . My sister was like "If we meet them again today,it's a fate then"  LoL!

Windsor Castle

somehow this remind me of Winter Sonata

Windsor actually situated about an hour from London . It is a lot quiet here and colder . And we met Japanese students again . 



Madame Tussauds is actually a wax museum . It is really fun ! I really suggest you go here . Went there with my sister , my second brother and his wife . There is a part in this place call "SCREAM YOUR WAY OUT" . It is a haunted house which I closed my eyes all the way long . It is freaking scary okay?! The ghosts are moving!When I opened my eyes for a split second , I saw someone crawling towards me . OMG   T_T  Someone even breath really loud at my ears . GAAAAHH! Well,I know it's people but their make-up and clothes . uarghhhhhh. . Here's a tip , if you want to go here , buy the ticket online . IT IS A LOT CHEAPER . Trust me . You can also buy ticket for London Dungeon(I dare you guys go here.....),London Eye and Aquarium at the same time to get cheaper prices


Sadly , it was raining when we got here . So we can't actually enjoyed the trip . This place took about 2 hours from London and it is a waste actually . Do check the weather forecast before you come here please . Don't worry about tourist guide because once you enter , they will give you something like mp3 to listen . It is a guide which is very convenient .


You guys probably know Greenwhich Line right?  And this is the line . Cool right ? One more thing , British people call it Green-ish without the W . So practice guys


I'm not sure why the tourist guide brought us here but I know that Dato' Siti Nurhaliza perform here . It is such an honour for us Malaysian  :D


With my first sister-in-law

It is the Buckingham Palace !!! We got to see the changing of the guards . The guards didn''t wore the red uniform though . They wore grey uniform because it was winter . Interesting fact , the guards consists of five regiments . To differentiate them is by looking at their hat(?) , it has this napkin with colour represent the regiments . I am actually feels bad about the guards . They had to play the music in the cold weather !  ;A;  p/s:we met the Japanese student again


Only the siblings and sisters-in-law went here because my parents went here countless of time ==' Well , it is my first time in London ! Not really , I went to London twice when I was 2years old..What on earth can I remember that time ? Anyway , The Big Ben was real nice because it is situated at the north end of Palace of Westminster . It is also located near the church where Prince William and Kate held their wedding . I had a video where the clock strikes 12 and my second brother was dancing to every bell . LoL ! It was really funny . Unfortunately , I can't transfer the video ....need to find a able or something .
p/s : met the Japanese student again . LoL!! And they were shocked to see us jumping in the middle of the field because no one step grass there xD

I think that is all from me . I shall post more pictures in the second post . As for now , *vanish like a ninja*


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