Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things from London

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !

It's been a while . I'm sorry . I have been going travel quite a lot . So I didn't have the time to update this blog . After I posted my post about my trip to Istanbul , I have been wanted to posted about my trip to London . But like i said , I have been slightly busy with travelling to other places .

Actually , I wanted to post about the London trip , but my pictures are in the other pappy . p/s:My dad bought me a new lappy :D weeeee~  I will post the London trip once I get back to Kuantan cause currently I'm in Kuala Lumpur

Back to the topic , here are some of the beauty things I got from United Kingdom

This is from my Istanbul trip actually :P portable perfume bottle

The products that I have bought

1.Smashbox Burlesque édition - This box contains
Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black
~It is actually quite good and I love how it is a felt tip . But then it doesn't have strong ability of staying power unlike japanese eyeliner.JAPAN COSMETIC FTW!

Lipgloss in Peep/Show
~I am quite confuse because it I'm not sure which one is Peep and which one is Show . But I love the colour especially the red one because it is so sexy :D

Shadow & Liner Quad
~The colour is nice . they grey one is actually a liquid liner so it is quite awesome to make a base shadow

Loose Shimmer in Burlesque
~At first I thought it was purplish pink loose pigment but actually it is gold when I tested it . Probably it have some gold dust in it . FAIRIES!!!

2.Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour SPF12 in Desert Rose
~I LOVE THIS COLOUR THE MOST! I have been using it everyday when I was in London and when I got back , every time I'm going out , I would wear this . It gives this natural lip colour look . Not that pink or pale but in the middle . It is really nice .

3.Nars Blusher in Luster
~People probably know the best-seller Nars Blusher in Orgasm (such a sexy name they got there...hurmmm o_o) . I wanted to buy that but I think it is not suitable with my skin colour so I end up with Luster . This luster is actually nice with tan skin . It have this orangey bronze colour which is really nice . I seldom use bronzer because I don't like to do shading on my face but this is a different story . It gives a nice glow when I use it on my cheek bone ....shade and highlight is different . ignore my explanation :P

4.MAC brush 129
~It is made from horse tail hair O_O

5.Victoria Secret perfume Noir Tease
~LOVE THE SMELL ! It is so sexy but it doesn't last long enough T_T Really hope it last longer though .

I think that is all from me .

Love , 

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