Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Skin-2PM*cute voice*

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!

Today I'm ging to talk about 2PM!'m going to review on It's Skin BB cream.

Note:2PM is a korean boy band that endorses It's Skin and It's Skin is a Korean brand

I actually, never thought that It's Skin outlet is available in Malaysia.But when I shopped at BB Plaza(if I'm not mistaken) , I found the outlet ! I bought the best BB Cream , like what the salesgirl said

Doesn't the name remind you of something??oh yeah.snail.siput babi ==' I didn't realised it until I got back home.That is when I realised at the box have the word SNAIL on it.I was horrified at first.LoL!

So anyway , this BB cream have anti UVA,UVB,lifting and whitening.And it is also hydrates and protects the skin . SPF25 is a big plus for me since I'm looking a sunblock + foundation .

What I like about this BB Cream is that it's actually conceal my blemishes . It does conceal pimples scar  but not surgical scar . The texture is smooth and slightly diluted than other BB Cream I've tried . This explain the snail...  bleghhhhh.Why did I put snail on my face again?  >.<

you seriously need a small amount

it is white.Wait till it oxidised
At first,it comes out really white.You need to wait for a few minutes to make sure it oxidised and suits your skin colour . What I usually do is , I would wear concealer than apply bb cream then finish it with some powder . And wallah! you got the Korean no make-up look !

What I don't like about this BB Cream is , since it is a pump bottle , it made the cap dirty . I need to clean it to avoid bacteria accumulates there . One more thing is , since our weather is humid , my face starts to get oily after several hours.or less than 2 hours . Seriously , I don't think there is a BB Cream or foundation can make my skin matte all day long in this kind of humid weather .

Anyway , this BB Cream is actually quite expensive . It cost RM91 . So , I asked the salesgirl

Me:No promotion ahh?
Me:Got free gift ahh?  :D
Salesgirl:Okay laa . I give you these

hahahaha!This actually reminds me when I went to Korea.Since I'm a foreigner , I just walk into beauty store , and they gave me free face mask!!Just walk and take a look!No need to buy anything.I did that around Myeongdong and got almost 10 face mask xD The beauty of free gifts.LoL!

I tried the mask , the one with Nickhun on it(he is the thai member in 2PM.Yes,he is a Thai in a Korean boy band.) .It is supposed to be for moisture but the mask isn't moist like I think it will be . The other one is really great ! That small yellow packet is a moiturizer . I didn't use it yet .

So overall on the BB Cream I would give it 4 out 5

Before I say goodbye , let's watch 2PM's CF for It's Skin..They are such a trolls xD


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