Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not so random post : My current life

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !

How are you guys feeling ? First of all , I want to say sorry about not updating . I have quite a lot to review about but the time seems very envy of me . or shall I say , the internet .

Anyway , I'm going to inform you guys something . I have started my college life (OMG.asdfghjkl) and I am so busy with classes . Though I actually have the time to update , but the internet in my hostel is so slow like a turtle with broken leg . I can't even load to . *sigh*

The bad news : I can't update much
The good news : I can only update on weekends since I'm not staying at the hostel in the weekend .

The other bad news : I actually plan to review about something . But I left my camera . so urm .. I can't update ==' i am sooooo sorry !

Anyway , wish me luck in my college !!!

I love you all!


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