Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gone (almost) crazy at The Body Shop part 2

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
How are you?So , school going to start tomorrow..O M G ..
urghh.....The horror of sending in HOMEWORKS!!

Nway , in this post I'm going to talk about I gone crazy-almost- at The Body Shop . I just love Body Shop sooooo much !

So , these are the things I bought
-Spa Wisdom JapanYuzu & Green Tea Bathing Salts
-Eyeshadow Brush

Let's talk about Spa Wisdom Japan Yuzu & Green Tea Bathing Salts first


The smell , OMG ! I love the smell ALOT  ! When the 1st time I used this , I smiled like an idiot . hahah!
I cannot describe how much I love the smell ! It smells manly ? haha! If I'm married , I'll make sure my husband use this all the time ! hahahaha!!

Back to the , this baby right here cost RM99 . BUT ! When I was shopping at The Body Shop , they gave me discount because they were having promotion . And I got 50%+10% off !! ^^ me likey~~

Some information
-RM99 but I get 60% off
-It is bathing salt
-It tastes salty ... yes , I ACCIDENTLY tasted it  >.<
-Yuzu is a citrus fruit .. I think
-Green tea ,, is a tea...hahaha!

After I used this , my skin does feel softer and the smell *drools*
I just love the smell!!


The eyeshadow brush . It's a flat brush . And synthetic . OF COURSE! It's The Body Shop we talking here . The Body Shop is against animal testing sooooo for sure they're against using animal as their product . I don't know how to rate this brush but I can say , I like this brush..

-RM35 but I get 10% off
-Flat eyeshadow brush

I like the handle ! Nice one ~!^^

I think that is all ,,,Untill we meet again!! ^^


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