Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Junior's Lee Donghae a.k.a Mr.Fish endorses Maxim

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !
How are you?Happy Father's day to all men call father in this world .
And Abah , I LOVE YOU !!! ^^ <3

Anyway , today I'm going to talk about ~

It's Donghae saying I LOVE YOU with a not-so-happy face~ ..=,=
SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE!!!!!!!!well , no actually..I'm going to talk about Maxim contact lens . WHICH ! Lee Donghae from Super Junior endorses . ^^

As the pictures above , I have bought the yellow box . Bigger Color Eyes in Choco Brown . This lens actually costs RM90 BUT ! I went Hari Belia and they had a booth there . They had a promotion which this box only costs RM80 . *SIDE NOTE : I went to Hari Belia to watch SUPER JUNIOR M!!!unfortunately , Donghae was absent because of his drama shooting  =,=*

If I'm not mistaken , the diameter is 14.0 mm . I'm not sure though . Bigger Color Eyes come in 8 different color . I've used Big Color Eyes , the blue box before . Because it is cheaper .

And you know what , the 2 weeks of holiday , I had problem with my eyes . I forgot the name of that illness , but it have something to do with using contact lens . We usually see contact lens have 1 to 3 months of using . But actually , my doctor said it's safer to use 1 months disposable lens . So , this lens , is 1 month disposable .


The lens , when I first wear this at school , I was afraid people will noticed it because I only use clear or the black one to school . But my friend said it's not that noticeable ..pheww~~

I like more to natural asian eye color not like grey , green or blue .

Now , let's spazz with Donghae's picture!

The brochure I got .

I want those boxes ! Unfortunately , it is only available in Thailand >.<

For further information or LEE DONGHAE's picture go to


Urinen ELF-eoyo !!

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