Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Health Talk : Cervical Cancer

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone!
I hope you're in a good health . Have you seen this poster before?

Today , I'm going to talk about Cervical Cancer . Not beauty . Do read this because it is so important .

Before my school ends , my teacher gave all female students a pamphlet about Cervical Cancer . Not just that , students between 14 to 19 will get a discount if they go to selected clinic to get a vaccine . This promotion ends on 31st Dec 2012. So HURRY UP people !

Anyway , I paid RM466 for 2 dose . The 3rd dose is free . In Malaysia , the government gave free shot to form 1 students or 13 years old Malaysian .Lucky kids . Note : IT IS ONLY FOR FEMALE . Thank you very much .

Not my picture!Source : INTERNET!

Today , I got my 2nd dose . Let me tell you my 1st dose experienced . IT WAS SO HURTFUL !!!! LoL. Just kidding  xD  well , it does hurt a little bit . I can feel the vaccine spread out when my doctor injected me . And the next day , the place where I got shot , swollen . I almost cried because it was so pain . But hey , I don't want to get Cervical Cancer when I'm old . The period between 1st dose and 2nd dose is 1 month . The 3rd dose is 5 months after the 2nd dose

Did you know Cervical Cancer is THE ONLY cancer that have vaccine . This is because , Cervical Cancer happens because of infection . Correct me if I'm wrong . My doctor said the risk of getting Cervical Cancer is high if you have multiple partner . In other word , if you do sex with many people . Or your husband/partner did sex with other people before you .

Causes of Cervical Cancer:
-Multiple partner like I said before
-Having sex EARLY . or maybe getting rape at a young age
-Pregnant more than 5 times
-Does not care about the cleanliness of your sexual organ
-Infection through sex . (I did asked my doctor if it because of STD-sexual transmitted disease- , but she said it's not . Oh well)
-Low antibody

'Fun' fact about Cervical Cancer is it took 10-15 years to appear . That's why the faster you have 1st sex , the early you'll get Cervical Cancer .You can prevent Cervical Cancer with doing Pap Smear test . Aha ! What is Pap Smear ? It's a test around your cervix . But usually Pap Smear test is for married ladies .

Another fact about Cervical Cancer is this cancer is the 2nd common cancer in the world . The 1st is Breast cancer . So ladies , it's better to prevent it rather than treat it . Is it hard to invest your money for something like this ? No beautifuls . Think about it .

If you have any question about this , go to the nearest clinic and ask the doctor . I suggest you go to female doctor . Sorry if some of my info is wrong . I wrote this blog because I want to help people . Especially ladies . Because we are the queen y'll !

I hope you learn about Cervical Cancer here and there . Thank you for reading my post .


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