Monday, December 27, 2010

Raise your hand if you have back acne problem... *raise my hand*

Hi everyone ! At last , I'm back in Kuantan . For this whole holiday I have been in KL and Kuantan back and forth . So it's quite tired . and boring since I can't do anything much . Not even SHOPPING T_T . Anyway , i have a good news for myself . I got 8A's for PMR !!! yeay!!! i'm so happy !! ^^

okay , enough with that . So the main point I want to talk about today is , who are among you guys have back acne problem ? Well , I do . And it really sucks ! I wanted to cry like seriously . So , I have tried many things to prevent this back acne problem . But nothing works . I even went to a doctor and he said it is because of my hormone . haish .

Then one day , I went to KLCC and was attracted to one product from Japan (or Singapore . I'm not sure). It is Ettusais .And they sell body wash for back acne problem . So I bought it . And I have to say , it is one of my favourite body wash ! It really works . Well , it you have to use it continuously to make it works . Unfortunately , I stop using it after 2 bottles because I seldom go to KL ....

And then , today , I went to KLCC and i bought the body wash and also the mist . And they have a limited edition body wash ! It is floral fresh . ^^

Left : Aroma Body Wash Floral Fresh    Right : Medicated Body Whitening Mist 
They were having a promotion . So these 2 things costs only RM99 . If you only bought the body wash , it costs RM50++ and the body mist RM70++ . Do visit their web for further information .

I have to say , that I really love the scent of this new body wash . ^^ it really makes me relax~

Love ,

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