Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The BEST and The WORST : Product to remove blackhead

Hi everyone ! How are you guys doing??^^
Anyway , today I'm going to talk about The BEST and The WORST product to remove blackhead .

Left : B.Liv by Cellnique Off with Those Heads                 Right : The Face Shop White Mud Nose pack

Actually both of these are 2 different things . But the aim is the same . It is to remove those nasty BLACKHEADS!! Blackheads have been my enemy since I was 12 , I guess . Starting from age 13 , I used and tried many things to remove blackheads but nothing works . So I decided to share with you some of my experienced with these 2 products .

Let's begin with THE BEST

B.Liv by Cellnique Off with Those Heads

The texture

This product is actually a blackheads sebum gel . So basically , this is not like an instant blackhead remover but it works great . Contains of 30ml and you can use this thing for like a year . I use this after putting toner on my face . It feels a bit stinging sensations when you put this on your t-zone . 1 pump is enough for your whole t-zone . Though this product is quite expensive but it is really worth it . You can buy this at SaSa and Guardian(If I'm not mistaken) . Believe it or not , after a week using this product , I noticed that my blackheads started to get smaller and now it's gone by 90% ..wait no , 97%!!!SERIOUSLY !! Before this my nose was like durian because of the blackheads . -___-; so , you should buy this product if you have a serious blackheads problem . And don't worry , if this product doesn't work with you , you can get your money back within 2 weeks . I think . And the other reason I love this , it is not hurting at all !

Rating for B.Liv by Cellnique Off with Those Heads : 5/5!!!!!


 The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack

 The Texture

Is this glue ? No ... It's the product

So , I hate this product!!!!gah!!!!
I think , Face Shop is hating me , or is it just me ? I don't like their gel mask and even this!! I don't even know why I bought this at the first place . Like seriously , I'm not joking . This is actually like nose strip . An instant way to remove your blackheads , the painful way .   It is 50g  and it says here that formulated with White Mud and Burdock(????) extract , this peel-off nose pack cleans and clarifies pores . So the reasons I HATE this product are actually because smell and it is hurting me like Hell!! It smells like they put so much fragrance in it . And yeah , it does contains fragrance . Not good . It hurts me when I peel it off . I swore that I cried , not really , but I wanted to cry when I peel it off . I had to use warm water to remove it . Don't like that glue texture . I think I can use this as a glue if I don't have any glue . So , NEVER trust the sales person who said this product is great .You should do a research before trying any skin care . And one more thing I hate this thing , it doesn't remove my blackheads ......

Rating The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack  : 0/5 ... 

Do you get what I'm saying about this product??

So , that's all from me . Hope you guys can decide which product is better . If there any question , feel free to ask . I would glad to answer , though I'm not an expert but I would love to share my experience .

Love ,

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