Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First time wearing Circle Lens ..

I want to show you about my Contact Lens . And it is called Circle Lens . It is quite popular in Korea and Japan . This lens actually will make your eyes looked bigger . Than Normal . LoL! I usually uses clear lens if I'm going to school or colour lens if I'm going out . And I prefer Maxim Cocoa colour lens . Anyway , this is my first time buying Circle Lens that is actually black in colour . Black!!!!It is Classic - Cyclone Black and the cost is RM90 . I just received it just now and I'm excited !

 The description . And yes , I'm short-sighted

3 months
The diameter is 14.5mm . And I think it doesn't show much but I have to say , when I tried this , I looked so innocent  ( XD ) and sometimes I think looked like an alien . You know , big eyes . GAAHH!!

without the lens
Left : with lens   Right : Without lens ... what's the difference?

With lens.....
Revie : Not really satisfied but I do looked innocent,,haha!! I am so going to wear this tomorrow at school ! I wonder what I looked like with this when I'm crying getting my PMR results....OMG!! I will know my PMR results tomorrow!!! *runs in circle*

anyway , I think I looked like an alien .....



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