Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review : Skin79 Dream Girls BBcream

Today I'm going to do a review on Skin79 Dream Girls BBcream .

here is the packaging :

 It is SPF 30 PA ++
 and 43.5g
It says that this bbcream , evens out the skin tone , makes skin look more beautiful and conceals skin flaws . It also blocks ultraviolet rays and suitable for juniors(teenagers) . Usually , bbcream have anti aging ingredients , so for teenagers , like me , we shouldn't use anti aging products .


 Before I spread it properly :

With flash:

Without flash :

Can you see the difference ? First of all , I don't really like this bbcream . It is my 2nd bbcream . And I have to say , this bbcream doesn't do much . If you want to buy this , I suggest you not . Why ? Well , it have medium coverage and it doesn't conceal your flaw . At first , I thought bbcream have full coverage . But not this bbcream . I have to use concealer and compact powder to make me face look flawless .I only use this bbcream when I go out because I don't want to wear foundation . Cause I'm still young ^^ And I don't know why I bought this bbcream -____-; . It is so pricey here in Kuantan! Ok so maybe this bbcream evens out the skin tone ,  but if your skin is burn , this bbcream does not evens out your skin tone . I want to try bbcream that i got sample when i went to Korea . It is from Banila Co. and I have to say , that bbcream works great ! And it is weird that this Skin79 doesn't work that great cause their other bbcream works great . I have tried the sample before .

Rating for Skin79 Dream Girls BBcream : 2 / 5

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