Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dry and Drier Skin

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !

I have been a terrible blogger(urmmm..I don't like to call myself a blogger.more like someone who owns a blog but rarely update) . But anyway, today I'm going to share with you some tips on how to cure dry skin-from my personal experience that is.

Since I started my studies, most of the time I would be in air-conditioned room. This makes my skin super dry. It's very frustrating because it's actually my body skin is dry. My face skin is combination oily prone. The weather here also makes my skin dry. It's very hot during the afternoon but in late evening it will rain. The constant change of weather temperature also affects my skin. Somehow this reminds me of when I was in Turkey and UK last year. Winter makes my skin super dry that I was really in state of horror seeing my skin flaked  ;A;

Anyhow, these are some of the tips I would like to share

1)Drink lots of water for your health.It helps because it can restore the moisture and besides drinking lots of water has many benefits. By water I mean, mineral water. Though from what I read drinking water does not do much for dry skin, but it still keeps your body hydrate.

2)Moisturise your skin. Do you know that even if you have oily skin you must use moisturiser? This is because it can balance out the oil in your skin. But in this topic, when you use moituriser, it will helps to keep your skin moisturise.Hence the name simple as that. If your body skin is dry, do use body lotion at least once a day. St.Ives and Nivea work wonders

I got this one for free when I went to Turkey.But the packaging is all in Turkish  :P
3)Use moiturise body wash. In the market nowdays has many type of body wash. I would suggest a body wash that contains milk or honey. This will keep your skin stay hydrated without wearing body lotion. Though I still think body lotion is important.

4)Avoid taking hot bath or shower. Which I can't. One of the reason why my skin is still dry is because I take hot shower. I can't really shower using cold water. This is bad. But I'm slowly trying to change my shower habit :P

5)Avoid staying in air conditioned room for too long. Well, we know Malaysian likes air cond. But people, please minimize it. Usually I won't turn on the air cond in my room because I already been in air conditioned room during class. I also avoid sleeping in air conditioned room. Not only it makes my skin dry, but also my chest will hurt the next day. Like now,I'm having a terrible cold because I sleep in air conditioned room =='

I think that is all from me. I'm not expert in this topic but I just want to share my experience. Anyway, do you know Bio Essence Spring Water and Avene Thermal Spring Water?Can you share your thoughts about these two? Thank you beautifuls! Till then


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