Sunday, April 21, 2013

Say hello to CC Cream !

Assalamulaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello !

It's been a while since I posted anything . I've been slightly busy with study now . So please forgive me .
anyway , today I'm going to do a review about CC Cream

Have you heard anything about the latest trend of CC Cream ? Before , we have the BB Cream and now some of cosmetic company came up with latest invention , CC Cream . Now,where is AA Cream? O_o

But in this post , I'm only going to talk about one CC Cream Color Control that I got from my sister .

Quite recently , she went to Farmasi Cosmetic product launch then she received CC Cream at the launch . After the event , she met me and since she knew that I am sooooo into make-up ,she gave me and said "Do a review"  . I was like , "Heyyy.I should attend this kind of event too!"  Let's just pray for me to become a big name in make-up an beauty industry . hihi

Back to the main point , have you ever heard of Farmasi Cosmetic ? It's a cosmetic company from Turkey(I want Turkish Delight!!!!!!!) . The best and awesome thing about this brand is , the product is Halal :D Good!Very good! *clap hands* You can get Farmasi Cosmetic product in Parkson . I don't know other store though

Anyway , about this CC Cream

spot the difference!

-All In One(I'm not sure what this mean though)
-Light to Medium
-SPF 25

I have 50/50 feeling about this product . Like and dislike this product at the same time .

What I like about this product is , it covers beautifully . The texture is quite thick but when I apply on my skin  it feels like I'm wearing BB Cream . It also covers most of my blemishes which is I absolutely love it .

The thing that I hate about this product is , the colour is too dark for me . Like seriously . I don't know why in the picture it looks brighter but in real life , it's dark . Hence the Light to Medium colour . It's a bit disappointing t because I really love the texture .

About the staying power , I can't really say anything because my skin will produce a lot of oils after few hours when I'm out . When I applied this in the morning, my skin would look darker than before at the end of the day *face palm*

I do have a solution though . Since I like the texture but hate the colour , I mixed this CC Cream with my BB Cream from It's Skin . Surprisingly , it works really well ! :D

Lastly , I really hope Farmasi Cosmetic would produce a brighter colour for this CC Cream

p/s:I bought an eyeshadow from Farmasi Cosmetic about 2 weeks ago. But I didn't even open it yet ~.~ oh and , my body skin is becoming drier because too much air cond T_T


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