Sunday, December 30, 2012

Travel Post:Istanbul Aku Datang! -Part 2-

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera , Hello and Merhaba!

PART 2 of my travel post in Istanbul.In this post I just want to talk about food.
People said foods in Turkey are the best because of the spices.Well,I don't really agree on that.
Most probably the food that our travel agent provide is not really suits my taste bud.But then what I love about Turkish food is that they use meats a lot :D  I love meats especially lamb..hihi

This plate consist of kebab and mini pizza which I think the best meal I had when I was in Istanbul.Unfortunately,this meal was also my last meal in Istanbul T_T

 ahhh,bread as appertizer.The restaurant will give us bread and any kind of soup like tomato soup(surprisingly,it is very delicious...OMG i'm drooling >.<) . Then followed by the main course

Have you heard about Turkish coffee and tea?I tasted both.The Turkish coffee is a very black coffee.They served in a small cup because people can't drink it a lot.My tourist guide said that fortune teller use Turkish coffee to tell fortune.I'm not sure in which Harry Potter there this scene where Harry Potter's teacher did that fortune telling thing.And of course my family doesn't believe it.While the Turkish tea is quite similar to black tea.Black tea used for Bubble Milk Tea..weeee~I love that thing xD

Turkish Tea
Turkish Coffee
Now come the sweet part.I think most of you know Turkish Delight right?Here are some tips,do buy Turkish Delight in the Spice Market and buy the one that made from honey.Turkish Delight is sweet ,chewy and come in different flavours .When I go to the Spice Bazaar , I was thrilled because there are so many Turkish Delight and tea.

How about Baklava?To tell you the truth,I don't like it.It is too sweet for me.I had one and a half and it made me dizzy.Real dizzy.I don't have the pictures and I'm sorry >.<


1)Buy souvenir at the Spice Market and NOT at the Grand Bazaar.It is a lot cheaper

2)You can taste some Turkish Delight and tea at the Spice Market :D

3)You can do some bargaining

I think that is all.Sorry for the lack info though.

at the highest point in Istanbul ^^

Pictures credit to my sister ^^


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