Saturday, March 12, 2011

Miss Rose and Empro and Tsunami in Japan

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello everyone !
How are you ?I hope you in a good condition . I'm so worried of people in Japan . 8.9 magnitude is really the real deal . Ya Allah . Only Allah know how I felt that time . It got me worried because of the earthquake and tsunami . Not just that , but 53 countries are under alert . Especially Taiwan , and OMG Super Junior is in Taiwan ! My hubby ! I hope nothing bad happened to them . I want to see them next week !!

Also , it got me worries that lately many natural disaster happened around the world . I hope that Malaysia is safe from all the disasters . Amin .

Let's all pray for the safety people in Japan and around the world . 

Ok , so today I'm going to talk about eye make-up that I bought recently .
It is from Miss Rose . 

This is the item I bought
 Professional Make-up Kit Shiny 24 color Wet Eye Shadow number 001

And the other one is the eyeliner . The palette cost RM56.90 but if you buy the Summer Promotion it costs RM72.80 . The Summer Promotion consists of these things . Miss Rose is a China product

Go check here if you interested

So , I got it delivered . I got it after 2-3 days after ordered . 

When I opened this palette , I was like "OMG ! So many colors!!!!!"  yes , I get extremely excited !! Who wouldn't .. It is so shiny and no matte color .

The colors are beautiful isn't ?It looked like water colors  .. LOL!

And I'm quite impressed with the texture . It is very pigmented ! This is what I'm looking for .

. . .  awkward fingers...  >.<

I can't wait to do a make-up look for this . Maybe tomorrow I will do . I want to say again , THE COLORS ARE BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!

Ok so , the other product is the eyeliner .
Not really liking this eyeliner . You know , lately , I try to find the best liquid eyeliner . And people said K-palette . Unfortunately , I can't find it here in Malaysia . Then I searched again , some people said Dolly Wink . But many reviews said it is not that great . And I went to SaSa Blog and they approve Empro Liquid eyeliner as the best eyeliner . So , I bought it yesterday . Hehehe

Let see the difference between Miss Rose Perfect Eyeliner and Empro Black Diamond Liner

This is the Miss Rose . 
I don't really know what to talk about this eyeliner because , well , it doesn't do much .

The tip

It kind of smudge proof but when I put this over my eyelid , the texture is seriously sucks !! It looked like you black water color on your lid . Not nice .. Very not nice one laa ..  >.<

While the Empro

The tube is simple .. not that attractive ..
It says here , that this eyeliner are 48 hours long lasting , 100% water proof , 100%smudge proof 

and I'm so impressed with this eyeliner ! Really love the thick texture and easy to handle with . I can say that I'm a beginner with liquid eyeliner and this helps me a lot .

The tip .. so fine

As you can see , I've drew a love on my hand and then I wash the dishes . So water keep running on my hand and amazingly it doesn't smudge at all ! I'm so impressed ! I'm officially love this eyeliner!!
Before I forgot , This eyeliner costs RM43.80 and you can get this in SaSa

I think I said a lot .Need to sleep ~  Well then , have a nice day and keep praying for the safety people around the world !


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