Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When make-up goes crazy = I call it the Red Devil

Hello girls!
how are you doing ? I am so tired of school . Like seriously .

Anyway , I'm going to talk about a make-up look that i have done recently . It was inspired by MBLAQ's Cry look . In the MV (If you guys layan kpop larh kan) , MBLAQ have this blue beads and dramatic eye make-up which makes me so shocked to see it ! They are MALE but they managed to pull it off ! Even 2PM did the smokey eye look for I'll be Back are so scary   >.<

So , i was inspired to do that look . But i end up using red beads since I don't have blue beads

p/s : I'm using my sister's actually  ..eheh~

So this is the look that I've done . It was a very simple grey base , thick eyeliner with dramatic red beads and fake lashes . I love the look and you know what I was really stressed that time and this kindda express my inner feelings    XD

not very dramatic pose XD

the white eyeliner make it more interesting

close view

So , i have uploaded this picture in my Facebook and my bestie , Aisya said that she wants to do this look . Then she came to my house , and I was like , "Ok let's do it" . And end up almost 2  hours do her make-up for the eye only . I do it myself and only takes 20 minutes  XD

My best friend : Nurul Amira a.k.a Aisya
close view

side view

If you noticed , i only used grey eyeshadow for myself but for her , she used brown , grey and black eyeshadow . Since she master the color blend techniques she do the eyeshadow for herself . Though it kindda makes me jealous  >.<  she really do it well ,, I do her eyeliner and beads . So we do the make-up for her together . She said that this look is very suitable for costume party 

So what do you think of this look suitable for ? and what should the name be for this look? please your comment below !!^^

I love you!


p/s : i wonder what should i make-up for Super Junior Super Show 3 Live In Kuala Lumpur..LOL!I'm going to the concert!! *jumps happily and sings Tai Wan Mei!!*

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