Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can I be as fair as Snow White?

Assalamualaikum, Selamat Sejahtera and Hello!

Goshhhh when is the last time I've update my blog? I am terribly sorry as since I get into university, my life has been like a ship trying to sail during thunderstorm. You can imagine I suppose.

Anyway, today I want to share with you a review on the Nano White skin care. Have you heard about it? If you don't, WHYYYYY?! It's like all over the place. haha! Few months back, my sister gave me this product to test and review. Since I'm in need of new range skin care, I grab the chance to try it. But I grab the chance in the wrong time because when I changed to this range, my skin was super sensitive and dry. It was so dry that my skin became flaky! So, when changing to this range, it became worst. Why? Because this range concentrates on the tone of the skin. Of course I want to be fair like Snow White but I can't because I need to concentrate on treating my dry skin first before I use products for fair.

Anyhow, let's get know better about the products I've tested

Awakening Snow Wash 100g
Awakening Snow Wash is actually the cleansing wash. It claims that this contains HappyDermalogy and nano-technology to bright up the skin. When I saw the word Glycerin as the second ingredient, I sigh a relief. Because my skin is dry and I need something that can keep my face moist.

What I like: The smell! It smells fresh and nice.
What I dislike: The after effect. It said that after washing, we feel cool and not tight. But for me, I felt very tight. That is when I realised they Glycerin didn't do much in my face TT___TT

Refining Treatment Toner 200ml

"This treatment toner tightens and refines pores. It is power-packed with Happy Dermalogy, nano technology, Omega White-C, Allantoin, Orange extract, Lemon extract and Bilberry extract to balance and work as an astringent, minimizing pores and removing excess oil without drying the skin."

Truthfully, I actually do not really like this toner because it makes my skin super duper dry. If you have sensitive skin, I suggest you to not wear this toner as it can get worse. But on the other hand, based on the ingredients, if you have small pimples it will actually help to clean it as this toner has Witch Hazel. Which is really good! But whyyyy it doesn't work with my skin T_T

What I like: None.. >,<
What I dislike: How it feels on my skin after I apply it

Cell Moist Whitenor 40ml
I LOVE THIS MOISTURISER! Okay I know that the last two products does not work for me, but this one work perfectly fine with me. When I apply on my face, it does not feel oily like certain moisturiser which I hate. You know when it is not oily but you feel very moisturise, it makes wearing make-up so easy. I recommend this moisturiser for every skin type.

What I dislike: Somehow the smell as it quite strong

Well basically, I think this range is actually good for people who have normal to oily skin. Since I had dry skin, changing to this range was not really a good idea. Currently, I am treating my dry skin. Once my skin goes back to normal, I would definitely try this range again!


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