Thursday, December 19, 2013

A day in Hammam Spa

Assalamualaikum, Selamat Sejahtera and Hello!

It's been a while I know. Anyway,recently, my mother and I decided to go to Hammam Spa which is located in Publika. After hearing that my cousins had a very great treatment there, we were excited about it.

So,what is Hammam?

According to my brother, Hammam in arabic means bathroom or more precise, bath house. It is also known as the Turkish Bath. That's what in the pamphlet said. This Hammam is inspired by the Morrocoon theme spa. Everything inside is very Morrocan :D

credit : Hammam Spa Facebook
We were lucky because they had a promotion for Christmas. (Note: they didn't pay me for this post....though it would be awesome if they did!)

RM265 for Hammam and Gomage with Aromatic Massage. Usually it would cost RM315. This promotion last until 5th of January 2014. Be sure to CALL them and make an appointment because they're always full.

So let's start our journey in Hammam

Credit : Hammam Spa Facebook
We started with changing our clothes into well, disposal panties and bra. Then met with our therapists. They are from Morroco!Nice! They don't really speak English but they do speak French and Arabic.

After meeting them, they led us into a bath house like in the picture above. It is quite similar to a sauna or steam room but in this room they control the humidity by only 20%. Firstly, they washed us using warm water. You know like how mother bathing their children, it's quite similar. I feel like a baby.LoL! After that, they asked us to lay down on the side and applied black soap which made from olive, all over our body. After 10 minutes, they rinsed us and led us to another room, Gommage

In Gommage, we we asked they lay down on a marble slab. Then they scrub us using kind of course glove. It was a bit painful for me since I've never tried it but heyy beauty is pain baby. The scrub is from neck to toe. Every single corner of our body. And by all, I mean ALL. please understand that. How embarrassing!! my therapist only can laughed at me ==' After finished scrubbing, I can see al my dead skin cells all over the marble slab..euwwwwwwwww. Then, they washed us again and applied henna and then rinsed. Nadia, y therapist told me that they would only use the scrubbing glover once. So she cut the glove in front of me to show about it. It's good that they keep it hygenic.

Too many water!! They kept rinsing and rinsing us. My mother said she felt like a dead person. What she meant was, in Islam,if someone died, you need to wash her or him. My mother said it was practically the same =________=

After all those washing and scrubbing, they dried our body(yesss. they did. isn't like a baby?!) the led us to a resting place where they served us mint tea. After 10minutes of relaxing, we head off to massage. The massage is conducted by Malaysian so it's a bit comfortable to talk to them. They used argan oil for the massage. After 2Hours and 15minutes, our session finished.

I found this treatment was quite interesting because it's different from lulur. But I have to say that is not that relaxing as I thought it would be. The massage is relaxing but not the gommage. Well, I can't feel that relax when someone scrub all over. But my skin feels super soft after that!!

Check out their website for further information :


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