Friday, July 26, 2013

All About Brow

Assalamualaikum , Selamat Sejahtera and Hello!

Happy fasting to all muslims!Do lots of deed in this holy month of Ramadhan okay? ^^
Anyway,I actually wanted to post this last weekend.But,my grandmother passed away.I was absolutely in a sad mood last weekend.Despite all of this happening,I want talk about brow

Starting from this year I starting to do my brow almost everyday. It's weird because before this, I don't know how to do or draw or whatever you call it. Seriously I don't know how I end up doing it everyday. Everyday means everytime I went out. On normal day-like going to classes- I would wear bb cream,mascara and did my brow because somehow I think it 'complete' my look. Sounds weird.haha! I think because my tail of brow is almost none =='

So today,I'm going to review on 2 brow product

The first product is Cyber Colors 24 hr Eyebrow Pen in 02 Dark Brown

 First thing i like about this brow pencil is that,it came with a spooley(?). Next the pencil is angle-shaped so it is easier to draw.The colour is really dark but not close to black. To me , I think the colour is okay for people wearing hijjab. But lighter colour won't harm anyone.Right?Despite the name 24h , it doesn't last that long. I noticed that it only last for about 6 hours. Sometimes I need to re-apply

Second product is M.A.C Brow Set in Beguile

Seriously, I don't know what got into my mind that I've decided to buy M.A.C . The brand is expensive >.< anyway,I like that when I apply this on my eyebrow,it lightens my eyebrow. Usually, i would apply this after I did my brow using the cyber colors. It also made my eyebrow stay put. It has some sort of gold shimmer in it, but it does not make it looks weird. A very nice colour indeed. One thing, it does not stay long as I hope it would.

This is only using the cyber color . I didn't use the M.A.C because...the picture is nowhere to be found when I transfer into my lappy TT______________TT  

p/s:I need to learn how to do a perfect eyebrow!!!


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