Monday, June 3, 2013

My Love Is Like A Red Rose

Assalamualaikum, Selamat Sejahtera and Hello!

"My love is like a red rose".
If you listen to KPOP songs,you probably knew what song I mentioned :P It's Lee Hi's Rose . Awesome song!

Anyway,today I'm going to do a review!yeayyy!It's been a while since I did one.
The product that I'm going to review is Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose Petal Skin

One thing about Korean product,they tend to write too many information about the product and it's in Engrish . HAHAHAHA!

This product is actually a toner with clear liquid. I love love love the smell. OMG seriously. The first time I used this,it reminds me of my mother because she really likes rose-she has a rose garden in our home- and I almost cried because I missed my mom so much :(
Back to the point,after a month and a half I noticed that this product makes my skin moist. Before,I have a slightly dry skin on my cheeks. But not anymore. What I like about this is,it feels so refreshed after applying it. Personally,I feel so relaxed and calmed after a long day. Definitely, an awesome product to try if you have a stressful life. I don't really suggest if you have oily skin,because I do noticed my skin becomes slightly oilier than before. Though i'm not sure if it is because of this product or other factors. Hopefully,other factors.

What I don't like about this product is,the packaging. The bottle is made from glass,I believe. Which I am absolutely scared it will shatter. Besides, due to the packaging, it is not travel friendly and it is actually quite heavy. I think I need to find a plastic container to bring this for travel. One more thing,this is actually very expensive for a toner. RM70++ >.<

I have used almost 3/4 of the bottle because I used a lot :P blame the nice smell! I can't help but to use a lot.hihi

As a conclusion, I have this love hate thing going on with the product.Have you tried this product?ohh and have you watched my make-up tutorial yet?Check out my last post for my tutorial ^^ please support me <3


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